It used to be that if you needed a motorcycle trailer, you had to choose between a large flatbed trailer or a large, enclosed trailer. While both kinds of trailer allowed you to take your motorcycle with you on vacation, neither kind had all of the features you want. We thought that there had to be a way of combining the best parts of each to create a trailer that was truly one-of-a-kind, and after a lot of work, we managed to make it happen!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we combine the sturdiness and reliability of an enclosed trailer with the ease of use and light weight of a flatbed trailer. We figured out the best way to pack all of these features into a smaller package that is extremely easy to use by utilizing a combination of lighter materials and innovative design! On this page, you’ll find all the information about our small motorcycle trailers that you need! Contact us if you have any questions about any of our trailers, and check out our store to order your new trailer today!

How to Use a Drop-Tail Trailer

One of the most exciting features of our trailers is the special drop tail. Thanks to a hydraulic system designed just for our trailers, all you have to do is lower the tail end of the trailer to provide a perfectly angled ramp that makes it easy to ride your motorcycle up onto the bed. Our wheel chocks hold the bike in place while you secure the bike with straps. When the motorcycle is secured, you lift the tail back up and you’re good to go! A Drop-Tail Trailer really does make it that simple!

Advantages of a Drop-Tail Trailer

  • No thin or rickety ramps
    • Never worry about making sure that you are perfectly lined up. Because the entire width of our small motorcycle trailers act as the ramp, you have more wiggle room when you’re loading your bike.
    • Ride up at as low of a speed as you want.
    • Loading a trailer is now much safer thanks to Drop-Trail!
  • Our trailers take up much less space than other kinds of trailers
    • Even when our trailers are laying flat, they are smaller than most flatbeds and most enclosed trailers.
    • When you fold up our trailers, they’re so small that you can put them almost anywhere!
    • The casters make moving it a breeze!
  • Lighter than other trailers

When you’re ready to get rid of your old, big, and heavy motorcycle, find the perfect small motorcycle trailer here at Drop-Tail Trailers! Even our larger models that carry two or more cruisers, three dirt bikes, or a golf cart or UTV, are smaller than traditional trailers, and they’re much easier to load and store! Contact us today if you have any questions; our customer service team is always happy to help out! Browse our store to find the trailer that will fit your needs, now!

Hitting the Road is Easy With Our Small Motorcycle Trailers

Whether you’re planning out your big yearly trip or you want to take an impromptu trek to one of your favorite spots to ride, getting ready for any journey can be draining. Making sure that your motorcycle is running well, that you have all of your tools, and that your motorcycle trailer is ready to go can eat up a lot of time and sap your enthusiasm, especially if you decided on the trip just a few days before you planned to leave.

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we want to help you make every trip fun and carefree! When you start with one of our small motorcycle trailers, a lot of the planning is already done for you. We designed each of our trailers to be low-stress, low-maintenance, and highly functional. Read on to learn about our trailers, and for a few tips that will make getting ready for your next trip as easy as grabbing your helmet! When you’re ready to make the switch to a trailer that is both strong and small, check out our online store!

Our Trailers Fold Up

Normal flatbed motorcycle trailers and enclosed trailers are so big that a lot of people have to keep them outside or else they would lose a full space in their garage. If you trailer is outside, it is exposed to the elements year round. Even if you live in a mild climate, consistent sunlight and precipitation can take a toll on your trailer, and it can happen much more quickly than you might expect.

The low temperatures in winter can cause paint and wood to expand and contract, which can lead to cracks, and cold air also makes the air in your trailer tires contract. When the air is extra cold, it can stiffen the rubber tires and may lead to the bead coming off of the rim and the air escaping. If this happens early in the winter and you fail to notice it, the entire weight of your trailer could sit on one or more of the wheels all season, which could lead to bent wheels.

The sun is no friend to trailers, either. Extended exposure to the sun can lead to damage or discoloration to the paint and wood surfaces. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail, may cause many different types of damage, including causing wood rot, paint damage, and dings.

How do you avoid all of these issues? Keep your trailer in your garage! We know, the trailer you have now is too big. That’s why you should take a look at Drop-Tail Trailers — when you aren’t towing your motorcycles, a Drop-Tail Trailer easily folds up into a nice, small package. We’ve added heavy-duty casters to each of our trailers so you can easily move them around your garage. With the low-profile design of a Drop-Tail, you can simple fold it up and tuck it against a wall inside your garage and still have room for another car or for workshop space!

Keeping your trailer indoors and away from environmental threats means that when you want to get out on the road with your bike in tow, you won’t have to do damage control on your trailer after a long winter. If something does need to be repaired on your Drop-Tail Trailer, it’s already in your garage, and you can quickly order parts from us and have your trailer ready to roll in no time at all. We’ve noticed that since our Drop-Tail Trailers are in our garages, we tend to see them more often which makes us get our bikes out and go riding more often!

How to Choose the Right Small Motorcycle Trailer

Buying a motorcycle trailer is a decision that no one takes lightly. Whether you are going to be using in to haul your bikes across the country or just outside of town, you want to know for certain that the trailer you buy is reliable and built to last. At Drop-Tail Trailers, you will always get both. Today, we want to give you a few tips to help make buying the right small motorcycle trailer a little easier to figure out. When you’re ready to place your order, browse our online store or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

Buy a Trailer That is Easy to Move and Use

Motorcycle trailers are a necessary evil. They make getting your bike to the place you want to ride easy but they generally aren’t easy to move on their own and they tend to take up more than their fair share of space in your garage. When you’re trying to move around in your garage and you regularly have to to step over or around your trailer, it’s normal to feel like you might be better off not having one. Luckily, the days of giant, heavy, space-wasting trailers are over! When you choose a Drop-Tail trailer to haul your bikes, ATVs, or golf cart, all of the problems with regular trailers disappear.

Our trailers are made from strong materials, but we removed all of the excess, unused space that is common on many other trailers to give you the space you need to haul your powersports machines without wasting space or adding more weight to the trailer. We also designed our trailers to fold-up, which saves you tons of space in your garage. Best of all, once it is folded up, heavy-duty casters make moving it around your space an absolute breeze.

With Drop-Tail, there is no need for extra equipment to load up your bikes, either. Our special pneumatic system will automatically lower and raise the tail of the trailer which makes it very easy to ride on and secure your bikes without needing rails or ramps that take up more space and aren’t as stable as using the trailer itself as the ramp!

Buy a Trailer That Has Parts Readily Available

No matter how careful you are, sometimes parts of your trailer may sustain damage or need to be replaced. While buying a used trailer off of the internet might save you a few dollars right now, if you happen to buy a trailer that hasn’t been made for years or was built using a random assortment of parts, fixing it may be more difficult than you imagined.

If you choose a small motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail, not only are parts readily available, they are also easy to replace. Before you head out on a long trip or if you know that you will be covering some less-than-hospitable terrain, make sure that you have an extra wheel and tire in case of a flat, as well as a jack that will make hooking and unhooking the trailer easy, even when you aren’t on perfectly flat ground. We also know how important it is to protect your bikes or other powersports machines against debris like rocks while you’re travelling, so we have built a number of stone guards the will deflect any incoming projectile that might be kicked up by the towing vehicle. Browse our selection of these guards today to find the one that is built just for your trailer.

Motorcycle trailers don’t have to be old-fashioned motorcycle accessories any longer when you choose to buy a Drop-Tail trailer! We make a number of small motorcycle trailers that are perfect for one or two dirt bikes or a cruiser, as well as larger trailers that can handle two cruisers, an ATV, or even a golf cart! Check out our selection of trailers today and find out for yourself what all of the advantage of a Drop-Tail trailer are! We know that once you use one of our fold-up trailers, you won’t want to go back to old-style trailers ever again. If, for some reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your Drop-Tail, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund. We even pay the return freight, so you really have nothing to lose by trying one today!

Amazing Sites to See on Your Motorcycle in the Southwest!

America is an incredible country full of many different kinds of ecosystems and sites to see. The Southwest is one of the most varied and stunning regions in the country, and thanks to weather that is generally pretty nice, it is easy to see many of these sites almost year round. Load up your motorcycle on a Drop-Tail Trailer today and take a trip to these places today, and enjoy a wonderful ride with great things to do on or off your motorcycle!

Drop-Tail Trailers are built with convenience and utility in mind. When you purchase a Drop-Tail Trailer, you don’t have to buy a bunch of other products to make it work. Our special design even eliminates the need for ramps! Shop with us today to see how simple we can make hauling a cruiser, dirt bikes, an ATV, or a trike.

The Grand Canyon

One of the largest canyons in the world, the Grand Canyon stretches across nearly 300 miles in Arizona. There are many breathtaking views to be had along the canyon, as well as the opportunity to spend some time rafting on the majestic Colorado River as it runs through the canyon. The Grand Canyon is a natural attraction that everyone should see at least once, because it shows the true power of time and nature to drastically transform the landscape.

Las Vegas

If you’re in the mood for something a little less rugged, Las Vegas gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy many of life’s greatest pleasures! From excellent restaurants to gaming and shows, Vegas is a wonderful place to spend a weekend! Cruise up and down the strip on your motorcycle or head out of town to watch the beautiful sunsets while enjoying the warm weather. Vegas also hosts a large number of professional events, so even if you’re there for business, nothing says you can’t bring your motorcycle with you to enjoy during your time off the clock.

Historical Sites

The Southwest is full of historical sites that are a part of our national character and consciousness. Whether you want to visit one of the oldest cities in the country (Santa Fe) or you would like to tour historic Tombstone, the Southwest is full of places that will help you learn more about how our country became the United States.

Carlsbad Caverns

You will have to get off of your motorcycle to tour the caverns, but it is worth it! The fifth largest cavern in the United States, Carlsbad is a stunning display of stalagmites, stalactites, colorful bodies of water, and many other fascinating geological features. If you’re there late (or early), you can see bats leaving the cavern for the night to hunt for food or returning after their nocturnal work is done!

The Southwest is home to many, many beautiful places that you will want to explore. Load your bikes onto a Drop-Tail Trailer and get out there today! Because we are so confident that you will love your Drop-Tail Trailer, we offer a 30-day refund. If you aren’t happy, send the folding motorcycle trailer back and we will refund your money and pay for the return shipping.

Get to Your Next Adventure Faster With a Small Motorcycle Trailer

The need to get out there and ride your motorcycle is a need that everyone who has ever ridden a bike understands. Even if you have a great job and most of your free time is spent with friends and family, sometimes a roadtrip is the only way to truly feel like yourself. If you’ve been riding for a long time, you probably have a few favorite places where you really love riding. Sometimes, you may not want to, or can’t, ride there. Don’t put off the trip you need just because you have to trailer your bike — get a Drop-Tail Trailer and make getting ready and going quick and easy!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we have designed and built each of our trailers with some very important considerations in mind: we wanted a small motorcycle trailer that was easy to load, easy to tow, and that didn’t take up too much room when it wasn’t being used. It took some work, but we’ve nailed it. Shop with us today to see all of the trailers we build that will make hauling everything from cargo to a motorcycle or a golf cart as easy as deciding to get out of the house!

Our Trailers Are Very Easy to Load

As if buying a lightweight motorcycle wasn’t enough of an expenditure, many trailers out there also require you to buy a ramp to be able to get your motorcycle onto it. These ramps aren’t a lot of fun to ride up because they are usually either too long or too short, too steep, or they just don’t feel secure. We solved all of those problems by making the trailer itself into a ramp. Unlike other motorcycle trailers that have a built-in ramp, our system allows you to easily adjust the angle to make riding onto it a piece of cake! Just drop the tail (see where we get our name?), and ride your bike up. Our special wheel chocks keep your bike stable while you strap it down, and when you’re finished, you simply lift the trailer back up, and you’re off!

Drop-Tail Trailers Make Towing a Breeze

A lot of motorcycle trailers are a giant pain to tow. They’re either too heavy and they bog down your engine, or they’re too light and you have to worry every time a stiff breeze blows across the road. Our trailers are different: they’re a great weight and size that strikes a balance between all of the good parts of heavier and lighter trailers with basically none of the downsides! A Drop-Tail Trailer is sturdy enough to handle highway speeds without feeling you’re dragging an anchor behind your truck, SUV, or car.

Fold it Up When You’re Finished

When you arrive home after the getaway you needed, all you have to do is drop the tail, ride your bike off, and fold up our trailer and wheel it to an out of the way spot in your garage. Special casters make moving our trailers around a smooth and simple process, and they won’t take up an entire space in your garage! Just because the thought of riding your motorcycle takes up a lot of real estate inside your head doesn’t mean that it has to eat up every inch of space inside your garage!

Order a Drop-Tail Trailer today and start planning your next trip tomorrow! We offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on our lightweight motorcycle trailers, so you really have nothing to risk and everything to gain! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We love helping people discover all the joy that our trailers can bring to your life!

Why You Don’t Need an Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer

While the thought of having an enclosed motorcycle trailer is nice, the truth is that most people just don’t need one. Read on to learn three reasons why a large enclosed trailer isn’t actually a great idea for the majority of motorcyclists, as well as a few great reasons to choose a Drop-Tail Trailer instead!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we have perfected the design of the small motorcycle trailer. By stripping away all unnecessary weight and features that most people don’t need and replacing them with features that make sense for most riders, we have created a lightweight motorcycle trailer that can handle almost anything. With a specially designed tail that drops down to make loading as fast and easy as possible, and the ability to fold the trailer up when you are done using it, Drop-Tail Trailers are the best option for people looking for a trailer capable of safely hauling their bikes without wasting valuable space. Shop for your new small motorcycle trailer today!

Enclosed Trailers Are Too Heavy

There are plenty of reasons to choose an enclosed motorcycle trailer, but most of them only apply if you have more than three motorcycles to haul, or you are part of a motocross or racing team. For the rest of us, enclosed trailers don’t offer a lot of advantages. One of the most obvious problems caused by an enclosed trailer is how much extra fuel it will take your vehicle to haul. The extra weight of walls and a roof is not negligible. Unless you are driving an incredibly high-powered truck, you will have to stop to fill up more often.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers Are Too Expensive

If you have just started thinking about getting a motorcycle trailer, go to your favorite search engine and look at the prices for enclosed motorcycle trailers. You might be surprised at how expensive they are. While there are a few affordable options, for most enclosed trailers, you are looking at a lot of money that could be better spent somewhere else.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers Take Up Too Much Room

While one of the main advantages of an enclosed trailer is its ability to store things inside of it, when it isn’t being used to haul your bikes, ATVs, or golf cart to your next adventure, it is a colossal waste of space. Enclosed trailers are basically giant boxes that are large enough to take over a significant portion of your driveway or your garage.

Get the Small Motorcycle Trailer You Need With Drop-Tail

You aren’t stuck with an enclosed trailer or a bland, generic flatbed trailer that you cram your bikes into. Drop-Tail Trailers are lightweight, have a smaller footprint, and fold up when you aren’t using them. In addition to helping you save gas, save money, and save room, Drop-Tail Trailers:

  • Help to reduce or eliminate blind spots while driving.
  • Don’t require extra equipment like ramps.
  • Are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Look great.

Shop for your new small motorcycle trailer with Drop-Tail now! Have questions? Contact us today!