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Store all of your motorcycle gear and motorcycle trailer accessories in this toolbox.

  • Features a welded aluminum lid with a built-in air spring for easy opening.
  • Each Drop-Tail toolbox comes with a keyed lock for extra security.
  • This storage/toolbox fits perfectly on 81” and 91” Drop-Tail Trailers!

While having a small motorcycle trailer is a great way to reduce your pulling weight and to make it easier to store the trailer when it isn’t in use, sometimes you just need more storage space. Drop-Tail Trailers came up with an excellent solution — the storage and toolbox! Built to hold the largest amount of gear while taking up the least amount of space possible, this box makes carrying your gear and trailer replacement parts easy and affordable. Order yours now!

  • Easily attach this trailer toolbox with modular knob bolts.

Additional information

Weight 25.00 lbs
Dimensions 17.00 × 22.50 × 13.50 in


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