PROLYTE “Floor-Stand” Cycle Chock Kit


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The Prolyte Floor-Stand cycle chock kit makes it easy to move the chock from a collapsible motorcycle trailer to a motorcycle dolly.

  • The special V-channel base adds extra stability.
  • Use with a trailer, a dolly, or on the floor.
  • Features rubber pads to help keep the chock in place.
  • The “Self-Stand” feature keeps your motorcycle upright.

When you need a chock that works either on its own or with a trailer or dolly, you won’t be able to find anything more perfect than our Porolyte Floor-Stand motorcycle chock! We have designed this chock to make loading and unloading your bike quick and easy, and it works great when you need to secure your bike in order to service or detail your motorcycle! Pick one up to use with your Drop-Tail Trailer or motorcycle dolly today! There is no substitution for our high-quality trailer components.

Additional information

Weight 34.00 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 30.50 × 11.00 in


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