DT Strap Bag


DT Strap Bag

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Stop searching for random motorcycle tie-down strap and keep them in this Drop-Tail Strap Bag!

  • This strap bag will hold several Drop-Tail motorcycle straps at once.
  • Order a couple of these bags and have straps ready to go in all of your towing vehicles.
  • Our Strap Bags are affordable and tough.

Sometimes, the simple items are the ones we need the most. Trying to keep track of all of your tie-downs can feel like a losing battle. Whether you have accumulated random straps over the years or you have a couple of hard-case sets, they always seem to wander off, don’t they? With a Drop-Tail Strap Bag, that won’t be a problem anymore. After you’ve unloaded, roll the straps up and tuck them right back into the bag. It really can be that easy. Find all of the other great motorcycle trailer accessories that you need in our online store.

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