Drop-Tail Motorcycle Trailers

We know that there isn’t one motorcycle trailer that will be right for everyone, which is why we designed and built several models for you to choose from. From trailers for single cruisers to trailers built for large trikes, we know that you’ll find a trailer that meets all of your hauling needs. Check out your options below, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

“One-Up” Sport Bike/Cruiser Trailer

When you’re the only person in your household who rides, or if you like to take vacations by yourself with your motorcycle, you need the “One-Up” motorcycle trailer. We built this trailer to handle the heaviest bikes and powersports equipment out there; the “One-Up” can handle up to 1,500 pounds!

While other trailers are made from extremely heavy materials, we built the “One-Up” to be both strong and as light as can be. We started with a steel frame and then added an aluminum deck to help cut down on unnecessary weight. Less weight means less strain on your engine and less gas or diesel used by your towing vehicle, which will make your trips less expensive.

The “One-Up” features our special “Drop-Tail” — a hydraulic system that makes loading and unloading a motorcycle incredibly fast and easy. The tail of the trailer is dropped down to form a perfect ramp that the rider can use to ride up onto the trailer. Then the hydraulics can be used to lift the bike back up so that it can be secured and towed.

Each “One-Up” motorcycle utilizes a special Pro-Max wheel chock to keep your bike upright and stable, even when the tail is lowered. With these chocks, you can haul your bikes upright. This added stability makes towing even easier.

All Drop-Tail powersports and motorcycle trailers are easy to store, too, thanks to our special design. When you’re done hauling your bike, the trailer folds up to minimize the amount of space it uses. Special heavy duty casters allow you to roll the trailer with easy to an out-of-the-way section of your garage.

“Two-Up” Sport Bike/Cruiser Trailer

When you need to haul two big cruisers, you can’t go wrong choosing the “Two-Up” trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers. With a load carrying capacity of 2,100 pounds, there is no motorcycle trailer out there with a smaller profile that can handle this kind of weight.

Aluminum decking and a small profile helps to keep the weight of the trailer down, while steel framing allows for the incredible load-carrying capabilities of this motorcycle trailer. Each “Two-Up” is equipped with our “Drop-Tail” systems, and they come with two Pro-Max wheel chocks installed for easy upright towing, and this trailer folds up for easy storage!

“Three-Up” Dirt Bike Trailer

If you are planning a trip to a motocross track with your friends or family, you can haul up to three dirt bikes at once with our “Three-Up” dirt bike motorcycle trailer! The “Three-Up” has a carrying capacity of up to 2,100 pounds, so even the biggest and heaviest dirt bikes will be a breeze to haul. Even with the space to haul up to three dirt bikes, this trailer still folds up to reduce the amount of storage space it will take up in your workshop or garage.

One of the many benefits of a Drop-Tail trailer is how easy they are to load. The “Drop-Tail” system was designed to eliminate the need for extra equipment like ramps, which are always a huge waste of space. Instead of traditional ramps, the hydraulically powered ramp can be lowered to create its own ramp that is easy to ride onto and off of.

While the “Three-Up” has a small profile that allows it to be hauled by smaller trucks and SUVs, it is large enough to work well as a standard flatbed trailer, and it is big enough to haul a golf cart, UTV, or even two smaller ATVs!

Trike Trailer 2200

The Drop-Tail Trike Trailer was designed for people who want to have their trike with them while on vacation without it being their only means of transportation. The Trike Trailer can haul loads of up to 2,100 pounds, which means that nearly every trike out there will fit comfortably on it. We’ve included a Pro-Max wheel chock to help keep your trike as stable as possible while you tow it, and the “Drop-Tail” system makes loading and unloading your ride as easy as possible.

The Trike Trailer also works well to haul a motorcycle, a golf cart, UTV, or two small ATVs. You can also use it as a regular flatbed trailer! When you’re finished using the trailer, it doesn’t just sit next to your house or inside your garage taking up space. Instead, it can be folded up and rolled against a wall.


Street Pro 2200 Powersport Utility Trailer


Need a small, effective way to haul your Can-Am Spyder? The Street Pro 2200 Powersport Utility Trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers is everything you’ve been searching for! No other trailer was designed to haul your Spyder (or a UTV, golf cart, or ATV) as well as the Street Pro. We made the profile as small as possible to minimize strain and fuel consumption on the towing vehicle, and the “Drop-Tail” system allows you to easily ride your Spyder on and off the trailer. After you’ve arrived back at home, fold the trailer up and tuck it against a wall until you’re ready to haul your Spyder again!

DT Powersport 2100 Utility Trailer

Have you been looking everywhere for a trailer that was designed to haul larger powersports equipment like a golf cart, UTV, motorcycles, or ATVs while still being able to function well as a regular flatbed trailer? The DT Powersports 2100 Utility Trailer is exactly what you need! With a flat deck rated to hold 2,100 pounds, the DT Powersports can easily haul your vehicles and haul a load of goods to or from your home. There is no better way to get all of the benefits of a flatbed trailer with the benefits of a trailer made for powersports equipment.

Like all of the trailers we make at Drop-Tail, this trailer features our “Drop-Tail” system for easy, ramp-free loading and unloading, and it folds up into a small, easy to maneuver trailer for out-of-the-way storage that won’t eat up all of the free space in your garage.

As you can see, there is no motorcycle or powersports machine that a Drop-Tail Trailer can’t handle. To learn more about these trailers, or to order one for yourself, make sure to check out our online store. We make additional parts that can make your trailer even more useful, including tool boxes, rock guards, and motorcycle lifts.

Questions? Please get in touch with our customer service team. We’re always ready to tell you more about our trailers or to help you find the model that is just right for all of your needs.

How Do I Find the Right Motorcycle Trailer?

Buying a motorcycle trailer is a big decision, and it isn’t one you should make without doing your research. In order to ensure that you’re getting a trailer that meets your needs, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many motorcycles am I going to haul at the same time?
  • How much weight can my towing vehicle pull?
  • Will I use this motorcycle trailer for hauling other things?
  • Will hauling motorcycles be the primary reason to buy a trailer, or will you haul other things with it more often?
  • Do I have room to store a motorcycle trailer?
  • Do I want to deal with the hassle of extra equipment like ramps?

As you can see, there are many things you need to take into consideration before buying a motorcycle trailer. Asking yourself these questions and figuring out the answers before you begin to browse can help you quickly narrow your selection down. Below, you’ll find a list of reasons why Drop-Tail Trailers are the best option for nearly every rider!

Drop-Tail Trailers Give You The Options You Really Need

  • Lightweight. Drop-Tail Trailers are built with full aluminum decks to help cut down on excess weight, but still use extra-strong steel tubing for the frame. This combination offers the ideal balance of durability and lightness that won’t overtax the engine of your towing vehicle.
  • Collapsible and easy to store. Drop-Tail Trailers were designed to use as little space as possible. From our streamlined deck to the Drop-Tail itself, every part of the trailer is there in order to make it easy to use and easy to store. The feature that truly sets a Drop-Tail apart from other motorcycle trailers is its ability to fold up for easier storage. Heavy duty casters allow you to easily maneuver the trailer when it is folded up, so you can push it against a wall in your carport or garage. When folded, a Drop-Tail is 94 inches tall and 40 inches wide.
  • Easy to operate. Loading a trailer shouldn’t require a team of people and tons of extra equipment like ramps. When you buy a Drop-Tail, you get the benefits of a trailer that has a built in ramp and the ease of use that comes with a hydraulic system that lowers and angles the trailer in order to facilitate easier loading. Combined with the Drop-Tail and the hydraulics, our Pro-Max wheel chocks hold your bikes securely and upright. While it is always a good idea to have help when you’re loading any trailer, a Drop-Tail trailer can be loaded and unloaded by one person.
  • Haul cruisers, dirt bikes, or other powersports equipment. While building the best motorcycle trailers on the planet was our original goal, once we built the incredible Drop-Tail system, we knew that we had to make it available to people who have other powersports equipment. On our site, you can find trailers for ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts!

Other Essential Drop-Tail Equipment

  • Tool boxes. No one wants to think about their towing vehicle or their motorcycle needing work on the side of the road, but if it happens, you’ll be glad that you have the tools to fix a problem. Our tool boxes come in two sizes — one to fit on our 81-inch wide trailers and another to fit on our 91-inch wide trailers — and have enough room to hold everything you may need. These boxes do not change the weight distribution of the trailer, or your ability to load and unload your motorcycles. Each box features a lock and key.
  • Motorcycle dollies. When you need to work on your motorcycles, it can be frustrating having to push them around the garage. With a motorcycle dolly, moving your bikes is smooth and simple. Our dollies keep your bikes perfectly upright thanks to a Pro Max wheel chock.
  • Rock guards. While many of us tow our bikes to avoid having to deal with long, boring rides, we also like that trailering helps prevent damage caused by road hazards like rocks. With a rock guard, you can further protect your bikes without eating up precious space on the trailer!
  • Chocks. If you have an older Drop-Tail Trailer or a trailer that you didn’t get from us, you can still benefit from a Pro-Max wheel chock. These chocks help your bikes or trikes stand straight up.
  • Motorcycle jacks. A trailer jack makes stabilizing your trailer easier when you remove it from your towing vehicle.
  • Motorcycle and powersport lifts. The DT Pro Cycle Lift will help make repairing or performing maintenance on your motorcycle or ATV as easy as possible by getting it secured and off of the ground.
  • Tie-down straps. You can never have too many motorcycle tie-downs! We have special tie-downs with padding to stop any scraping or scratching.

Check out our online store now for the best motorcycle trailers available on the market today. If you buy a Drop-Tail Trailer and you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase price and pay to have it shipped back to us.