Shopping for a motorcycle trailer can be almost as difficult as choosing the perfect bike. While there are many options out there in both flatbed and enclosed styles, many of these trailers are either too much or not enough. Now, there is a third option: a Drop-Tail Trailer™. When you purchase a Drop-Tail trailer, you get everything you need and none of what you don’t. Instead of requiring a ton of space to store your trailer, Drop-Tail’s folding motorcycle trailers make it extremely fast and easy to break it down and tuck in against a wall. Reclaim your garage or shed space today by ordering a Drop-Tail Trailer through our shop!

Why You Need a Folding Motorcycle Trailer

One of the greatest benefits of owning a motorcycle, whether you have thought of this at all, is that motorcycles are incredibly efficient machines. They get great gas mileage, they are far easier to work on and clean than a car, truck, or SUV, and they take up a lot less space than other kinds of vehicles. If you want to be able to take your motorcycle with you when you travel, a lot of that efficiency feels like it goes out the window. Hauling a heavy, non-aerodynamic flatbed or enclosed trailer can decimate the gas mileage of your hauling vehicle, you spend money on extra items for the trailer (ramps), and finding a place to keep your trailer without it always being in the way is incredibly difficult.

Get some of that efficiency back when you order a new folding motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers! We build all of our trailers with a few simple principles in mind: use only what is necessary, make it strong, and make it easy to use.

Our Trailers Are Built Using Only What is Necessary

Many flatbed trailers use a metal frame and wood for the decking. While there is nothing wrong with either of these materials, they are both heavy and wood can be damaged by a great number of factors. When we set out to design and build our trailers, we decided to keep it to the bare minimum. Instead of creating yet another trailer that was big enough for a few motorcycles or an ATV as well as extra room for a bunch of random stuff that someone might need to haul, we focused on hauling powersports machines. Right off the bat, this allowed us to decrease the overall size of the trailers which not only saved weight, but also made it easier for more vehicles to haul motorcycles. Reduced weight also means better mileage and less strain on your engine!

We Make Our Trailers Strong

Instead of using wood for the deck, we were able to use extra-strong metals that are thinner, weigh less than wood, and are much more resistant to damage. These metals also make our gate/ramp stronger. Our dedication to making a trailer strong extended past the materials we used to build the frame and deck, though: for the hydraulic system that lowers and raises the drop-tail, we chose the toughest components we could find in order to keep the trailer functioning for as long as possible.

We Make Our Trailers Easy to Use

Using a trailer should be a fairly straightforward undertaking. However, when you have to include extra equipment like detached ramps and unsecured chocks, what should be easy becomes more complicated. We wanted to see if there was a way to take one of the best features of some enclosed trailers — the built-in gate that also functions as a ramp — and shrink it down. Our one-of-a-kind drop-tail system does just that: all you have to do to load up a bike, a golf cart, a trike, or an ATV is drop the gate and use the hydraulic system to lower the entire tail of the trailer. Lowering the trailer puts it at a great angle that makes riding your bike up very simple and stable. We’ve included an adjustable chock as part of each trailer, so when you ride up, your bike stays put. Strap it down, then raise the tail back up, and you’re good to go!

If you have been using a different kind of trailer for years or you’re looking for your first trailer, shop with Drop-Tail today and find the folding motorcycle trailers that will make your trips easier while also keeping your garage clear from the unnecessary clutter that can come with other types of trailers. Place an order or contact us today if you have any questions!

Folding Motorcycle Trailers That Haul More Than One Bike

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we knew that building a great folding motorcycle trailer that could hold a cruiser was absolutely possible, but that wasn’t good enough for us. To help people who have more than one motorcycle, we decided to apply all of the same ingenuity that we used to design our single-cruiser trailers to making it easy to haul multiple bikes at once. Along the way, we realized that our trailers were also perfect for hauling other powersports machines, including golf carts, ATVs, and dirt bikes.


Trailers for Hauling Cruisers

Our “Two-Up” cruiser and sport bike trailer gives you the ability to haul two sport bikes or cruisers at once. Our innovative design makes it easy to load and unload two bikes and it still doesn’t take up much room once you fold it up.



Trailers for Hauling Dirt Bikes

While you can fit a dirt bike onto any of our single motorcycle trailers, if you have more than one dirt bike or you are travelling with friends or family to a track or event, the “Three-Up” trailer is perfect! Built to hold 2,100 pounds, you won’t have to deal with a bulky, oversized, and overheavy enclosed trailer ever again! Our adjustable chocks allow you to fit chunky- or thin-tired bikes with complete ease.


Trailers for Hauling ATVS, Golf Carts, or Trikes

We build several different trailers that can haul trikes, ATVs, or golf carts. Depending on the size of your ATVs, several of our trailers can haul two, while our Street Pro 22200 Powersport Utility Trailer is built to haul a Can-Am Spyder, but also works with other powersport vehicles. To load up these trailers, drop the gate, lower the tail, ride them on, then tie them down!

How to Trailer a Motorcycle

When we started Drop-Tail Trailers, we knew that there had to be an easier way to trailer motorcycles for transport. Instead of a normal flatbed or enclosed trailer, we thought that there had to be another option. We put our heads down and got to work creating a new kind of folding motorcycle trailer that brings the best features of other kinds of trailers together with a new. Space-saving design that is easy to load, unload, and store.

Our Drop-Tail Trailers are the easiest way to load and haul your bikes, and they require no extra equipment! Check out how simple loading a trailer can really be, then head on over to our store page to look at our options and place an order today!

Get the Trailer Ready

To begin the process, make sure that your folding motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail has been unfolded. Next, attach your Drop-Tail Trailer to your towing vehicle. Make sure that the trailer is attached securely.

  • Remove the pins and lower the gate.
  • Use the easy-to-use hydraulic controls to drop the tail of the trailer.

Loading Your Bike

  • Ride up the gentle incline and into our specially designed wheel chock. The chock is designed to adjust in order to accommodate most standard tire sizes. While loading any trailer, it is never a bad idea to have someone else spotting you. Motorcycles can be heavy and you don’t want your trip spoiled before you even get on the road.
  • While the chock holds the bike in place, you can use straps to secure your cruiser, dirt bike, or powersports vehicle for the ride ahead.
  • Use the hydraulic system and lift the tail back up. Raise the gate, reinsert the pins, and you’re good to go! It really is that simple, and you didn’t need extra ramps or anything else to make it happen. The all-in-one design of a Drop-Tail Trailer is just one of the many factors that sets it apart from other kinds of motorcycle trailers.

Unloading Your Motorcycle

To get your bike off the trailer, drop the gate, lower the tail, unstrap the bike, and then ride it off: it’s really that easy! Once your bikes or powersports equipment is off the trailer, fold it up and store it somewhere out of the way. You don’t have to devote a parking space in your garage, driveway, or the side of your home to store your trailer anymore!

Shop with Drop-Tail Trailers today to find the folding motorcycle trailer that you’ve always wanted! Whether you have one, two, or three motorcycles, we build a trailer that will make transporting them easy. We know that you will love your new Drop-Tail Trailer, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, send it back within 30 days for a full refund. We will even pay for the freight costs to get it back. Browse the rest of our site for more great information about our trailers and to place your order today. Summer is almost here, don’t miss out on any chances to take your motorcycle out on the road!

Don’t Settle for Anything but the Best Folding Motorcycle Trailers

Owning motorcycles is an expensive enough undertaking, which means that you shouldn’t have to settle for expensive trailers that don’t meet all of your needs. While an enclosed or flatbed trailer might be good enough for some people, if you need to get your motorcycles or other powersports vehicles somewhere safely and without a lot of hassle, a folding motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers is the only logical choice.

Less Strain on Your Towing Vehicle

While you might have a great SUV or truck that is optimized to haul heavy loads, towing is still adding extra strain to your engine. It will work harder to pull a load than if it wasn’t hauling a trailer. While you might not notice any problems with your towing vehicle for years, it will have a negative impact. You will need more frequent service and you may find that engine components wear out more quickly than they should. One way to fight against any extra strain put on your engine is to buy a lighter motorcycle trailer. At Drop-Tail Trailers, our trailers are much lighter than other trailers but are still substantial enough to prevent wobble.

See California on Your Motorcycle!

California is one of the largest states in the USA and also one of the most beautiful. Whether you like to cruise around cities or you want to get away from it all, California has something for everyone. Check out a few of the exciting things to do and places to see in the Golden State, then place an order for your new Drop-Tail folding motorcycle trailer and plan your trip to California!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we are dedicated to designing and building the best folding motorcycle trailers available. Not only will our trailers get you where you want to go, but they are also far easier to load and unload than other trailers and they don’t require any extra components. Shop with us today and see just how great having an easy-to-use trailer can be!

Northern California

California isn’t just desert and ocean. In Northern California, you can do almost anything you want, from skiing to enjoying world-class wines!

San Francisco

One of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the country, San Francisco is home to tech giants, great sports teams, and an incredible array of amazing restaurants. Take in the city or head out of town to see some breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge or the incredible Redwood Forest!


If you prefer to ride around in the mountains, you won’t be disappointed in Northern California. From the Sierra Nevadas in the northeast to the Cascades in the northernmost part of the state, you can always get a breath of fresh air and enjoy some incredible views in California.

Wine Country

While we recommend catching a cab if you want to partake of some of the delicious wines made in this part of California, just riding around the area is a real treat. From sprawling fields to beautiful mountain views, there is something very special about this region.

Southern California

While Southern California can feel claustrophobic, if you get away from the cities, you will find plenty of beautiful open spaces where you can enjoy a leisurely ride as well as tons of places to stop and marvel at the beauty of the ocean or the majesty of the desert.

We recommend checking out the Pacific Coast Highway. Stretching from Orange County to Mendocino County, this 600+ mile highway hugs the Pacific coast of most of the state and allows you to take in great views nearly the entire way.

If you’re escaping colder weather from another state, check out Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Both of these towns lie about a hundred miles from LA, and boast great views and a friendly atmosphere. Cruise out of town and marvel at the desert! Just be sure to bring plenty of water!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we want to make it possible for you to go and see as much of the country as possible. With one of our folding motorcycle trailers, loading up and hitting the road is easier than ever. Order with us today and see the difference our trailers can make for you!

What to Bring On Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Like all good things, even a trip where you bring your motorcycle with you on a Drop-Tail Trailer can be stressful. In addition to packing all of the things you need (clothing, toiletries, etc.), you also have to make sure that your bike, ATV, or other powersports equipment is ready for the trip and that you have what you need in case of an emergency. Reduce your anxiety and be prepared for anything by referring to this handy list of items to bring with you whenever you hit the road with your bike in tow!

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we started with a simple idea: create a small, light motorcycle trailer that was easy to store, and easy to load and unload. We, and our happy customers, think we succeeded. The unique “drop-tail” system allows you to ride on and off of the trailer without extra ramps, and its small profile makes it easy to tow. One of our favorite features is how the trailer folds up when you are done using it. This allows you to save tons of room in your garage! Find your new folding motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail today.

Safety Equipment

Always have appropriate safety equipment whenever you plan on riding your motorcycle. This means having the right gear for your ride and in case of a problem, including:

  • A helmet. While helmets are required by law in most states, wearing one is a good idea. You want to be able to keep riding for as long as possible, right?
  • Riding clothes (long pants, long sleeves, boots). Road rash is the worst. Don’t risk it.
  • First-aid kit. Burns and scrapes are common but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until you get home to start treating yourself.
  • A roadside emergency kit. In case of a flat or other problem, a roadside emergency kit helps you stay visible to others on the road.

Motorcycle Trailer Accessories

Having the right accessories for your motorcycle and trailer can make the difference between a good trip, and a bad trip. Always have the following items to help your trip go smoothly:

  • Motorcycle tie-down straps. Always have more than you think you’ll need.
  • Plush soft sleeves. These are to protect handlebars and other chrome surfaces while you have your bike strapped down.

Spare Parts for Your Bike and Trailer

While Drop-Tail Trailers are built to be strong and ready to handle years of use, it is always smart to have extra parts in case something goes wrong. Keep these in your truck (or in the toolbox of your trailer):

  • Tool kit. Make sure you have everything you need to work on your bike, your towing vehicle, and your trailer.
  • Spare tires for your bike, trailer, and towing vehicle.
  • Trailer jack.
  • Extra fuses.
  • Zip ties. These come in handy for everything.

With even a little preparation, any trip can be made easier and less stressful. Find your new motorcycle trailer at Drop-Tail Trailers today! We also carry a wide range of trailer parts and accessories that will make your life easier!

What Folding Motorcycle Trailer is the Easiest to Use?

When you own a motorcycle and you have dreams about going on long trips, but you know that you will need a trailer to make those trips a reality, it can be difficult to start the process of finding the right motorcycle hauler trailer. There are dozens and dozens of companies out there who make trailers, and each of them will try to say that their trailers are the best. While it may seem impossible to know which ones really are better than the others without trying them, one of the best metrics of whether or not a trailer is worth looking at is how easy it is to use.

At Drop-Tail Trailers, we build each motorcycle, trike, and powersports trailer to be simple, safe, and effective. Read on to learn how we accomplish that goal, and then check out our trailers to find the one that is just right for you. We build single motorcycle trailers, trailers for two or three bikes, and trailers that can carry ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts.

No Extra Equipment Needed

One of the most important innovations that make a trailer from Drop-Tail different is the fact that you don’t need anything except for the trailer to load and unload your vehicle. You don’t need aftermarket ramps to load and there are no extra options that make the trailer easier to load. The secret is in our “drop tail” design. Thanks to an integrated hydraulics system, our trailers act as their own ramps. A couple of fast, effortless motions will drop the rear end of the trailer to an incline that is safe to drive up even at slow speeds, and into our special motorcycle wheel chocks. The wheel chocks hold your motorcycle upright so you can get on and off your bike without worrying about you or your bike taking a spill. The upright orientation also makes strapping down your bike completely painless. Once the bike is loaded and strapped down, a few more adjustments of the hydraulic system levels out the trailer so it is safe to drive. You won’t have to stick extra ramps into the back of your truck or strap them to the trailer.

Intuitive and Safe Operation

As we mentioned in the section above, every Drop-Tail trailer has a built-in hydraulic system. To operate them, there are several knobs that raise and lower the tail of the trailer. They move steadily but not too quickly, and they don’t slam down. Raising the trailer back up is just as smooth and easy. What we have succeeded in doing is boiling the idea of a motorcycle trailer down to its core and then adding on the perfect features that take advantage of all the modern advances in technology without saddling the design with anything extraneous.

Find your new Drop-Tail folding motorcycle trailer today. With all of the features you need and none that you don’t, our trailers are the smarter, stronger, easier to use option. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your trailer, we will refund your money and pay for the return freight, but we aren’t too worried about that. You’ll love your new trailer!