Riding a dirt bike is unlike anything else. When you’re traversing difficult terrain at speed, the engine roaring, the wind blowing past you, every moment is incredibly exhilarating. When you’re on a dirt bike, you’re away from the stresses of your normal life, away from the noise of traffic, and the overcrowded city. When you’re away from the business of everyday life, you’re free to smile and experience nature.

If you love to escape to the outdoors with your dirt bike, you know that the only downside is getting your dirt bike to a place where you can actually ride it. As avid dirt bikers ourselves, we wanted to design a motorcycle trailer that provided all of the features you want without any of the unnecessary weight or pointlessly high profiles of an enclosed motorcycle trailer. This is how the Drop-Tail Trailer was born.

Read on to learn more about what makes Drop-Tail Trailers unique in the world of motorcycle trailers. When you’re ready to order one for yourself, head on over to our store. If you have other types of motorcycles or powersports equipment, we make a range of trailers designed to make hauling as easy as possible. Drop-Tail also has a range of add-on options that will make your new trailer even better.

To start off, we thought that we would cover three of the most important reasons to pick a Drop-Tail Trailer over another motorcycle trailer. Be sure to check out our trailers for all of the details you need to make the right decision. We know that we make the best dirt bike trailers out there, so if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase, we will give you back all of your money and pay for return shipping.

No Extra Equipment Needed

The name “Drop-Tail” isn’t just easy to remember, it is an accurate description of one of our most important features. While most motorcycle trailers require additional ramps for you to be able to load your bikes, or they have a built-in ramp that needs a certain amount of clearance and the perfect angle in order to be loadable, a Drop-Tail Trailer gets around both of those problems.

We built a system that turns the entire trailer into an easy to adjust ramp. You unhook the back ramp, lay it down, and then use the integrated hydraulic system to position the trailer. With a Drop-Tail, there is not ground too flat or too steep, because the trailer adjusts to handle it. Finding the perfect angle is so easy, you can ride your bike on without help, and then quickly tie it down.

Once the bike is loaded, lift the back end up with the hydraulics, and it is good to go.

Extremely Strong and Lightweight

While we certainly aren’t the only manufacturer of steel and aluminum motorcycle trailers out there, we have combined both materials in such a way as to guarantee extreme strength without overtaxing the engine of your towing vehicle. We build each trailer with a steel tubing frame for excellent carrying capacity, and then use aluminum wherever we can to keep the weight low. With a Drop-Tail, it is possible to haul several dirt bikes with smaller SUVs and crossovers. If you have a big truck with a powerful engine, you might not even notice that you’re towing your Drop-Tail unless you look it the rear-view mirror!

We’ve also eliminated any excess materials from the front, sides, and rear of our trailers to further cut down on weight. But don’t worry — the light weight does not mean that the trailer will get caught by the wind and tossed around. Our trailers sit low enough and have the weight distributed so evenly that they ride nice and smooth.

Easy to Store

One of the most exciting and useful features of all Drop-Tail trailers is their ability to fold up for easy storage. With only a few motions, your trailer will fold up vertically onto a number of heavy duty casters that make it very easy to move. The size and shape of the folded trailer make it perfect for storing next to a wall inside your garage or shed, saving you a lot of space!

Check out our selection of powersport and dirt bike trailers in our online store today! We know that once you see how easy to use a Drop-Tail is, that you’ll never want anything else. To show you exactly how much we believe in our trailers, every one of them comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t totally satisfied, we will refund your money and pay the return shipping costs. Contact us today if you have any questions!

We build a number of trailers for different kinds of motorcycles, including sport bikes, cruisers, and dirt bikes. The options below will allow you to haul your dirt bikes wherever you want to go!

The “Three-Up” is THE dirt bike trailer for everyone who wants to be able to quickly load their dirt bikes so they can get out and ride. This trailer has space for up to three dirt bikes and it features out patented “drop-tail” system, which means you’ll never need an extra ramp. The “Three-Up” is also large enough to haul cruisers, sport bikes, golf carts, UTVs, or ATVs.

While the “Two-Up” motorcycle trailer was designed to haul cruisers, it will haul your dirt bikes just as easily. Like all Drop-Tail Trailers, the “Two-Up” is built from strong but lightweight materials and has our special “drop-tail” system for the easiest loading and unloading possible. It also folds up for easy storage when you aren’t using it!

Are you going on a solo trip? The “One-Up” motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail will allow you to load up your dirt bike (or a sport bike/cruiser) and hit the road. We know you’ll love how easy this trailer is to use and store, which is why we cover it (and all of our other trailers) with a hassle-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. If any Drop-Tail trailer that you buy doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll refund your money and pay to have it shipped back to us.

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more information about our motorcycle trailers and much more. Our blog is full of fun ideas for some wonderful motorcycle trips across the United States, so make sure to take a look and get inspired!

There are a lot of good reasons to buy an enclosed motorcycle trailer — you have a dirt bike team that competes regularly, you transport rare and expensive bikes across the country, or you use a lot of the trailer to haul extra parts or gear. For most people, though, an enclosed dirt bike trailer can be a waste of money and space.

If you need to be able to load your dirt bikes up quickly so you can make the most out of your free time, a motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail is going to be your best bet. Keep reading to see why an enclosed trailer probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Space is always at a premium for everyone but the very richest people, which is why we all have to make the most out of every inch we have. If your garage is already full of your cars, motorcycles, and other recreational gear, the last thing you want to do is find (or rearrange) your space to accommodate a large enclosed motorcycle trailer. For many people, it just is not possible to fit one of these trailers into your garage.

If you have to store your enclosed trailer outside, that creates another issue of space. You can park it in your driveway, but that will block a substantial portion of usable space there. If you park it along the side of your house, you will need to be careful that the ground is stable enough to hold the weight of it, while also ensuring that your trailer doesn’t get infested with insects or vermin.

A Drop-Tail Trailer, on the other hand, is built to use the smallest amount of space possible. It folds up into an easy to move form that is small enough to fit into even the smallest space, and even when it isn’t folded up, it only takes up a fraction of the space of an enclosed trailer.

The upfront costs of any motorcycle trailer may seem high, but if you start to look at enclosed motorcycle trailers, the price tags may make your head spin. If the high sticker price wasn’t bad enough, there are a lot of other costs associated with owning an enclosed trailer.

Added Gas Costs

Even in the best of times, gasoline or diesel is not cheap. If you are hauling a motorcycle trailer, your fuel consumption will increase, even if you have a huge truck with great towing capabilities. The weight of an enclosed trailer (the deck, the walls, the roof, the motorcycles inside it, any other gear you’re hauling), will quickly make your truck less efficient, and that’s before you add on the extra wind resistance that a tall, enclosed trailer will create.

A dirt bike trailer from Drop-Tail was designed to give you as many useful features as possible without adding extra weight or creating a large surface area that can be blown around by the wind. Drop-Tail Trailers ride at a height that limits wind resistance and makes towing far less taxing on your vehicle.

Maintenance Costs

Anything related to motocross costs money. Dirt bikes are ridden hard in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, and it often takes a lot of driving before you can get to a place to ride your dirt bike. All of this travel takes a toll, even on your trailer. Keeping your wheels and tires in good shape is absolutely important, as is ensuring that your axles are ready for a heavy load. The more you add to a trailer, the more chances there are for something to go wrong.

A Drop-Tail Trailer is built to be as tough as possible without adding any extraneous parts or features that can break down or be damaged. The steel frame and aluminum deck are strong enough to carry your bikes, and we use only the best wheels, tires, and axles to keep your trailer in great shape for as long as possible.

Wear and Tear on The Towing Vehicle

While we already mentioned the extra money you’ll have to shell out at the gas pump every time you haul an enclosed trailer, an equally important factor to consider is the wear and tear that a large, heavy trailer can have on your vehicle. If you own a smaller SUV or a truck that wasn’t built to haul really heavy trailers, you’re going to be put a lot of strain on your vehicle. Forcing your vehicle to run harder for longer periods of time can cause components to wear out much faster than they would if you were hauling a lighter trailer.

Drop-Tail Trailers are light without being too light, and they won’t put extra strain on your vehicle. If you order one of our dirt bike trailers and you aren’t satisfied with how easy it is to load and haul, we will give you all of your money back and we’ll pay the return freight. Don’t waste your money on an enclosed motorcycle trailer when you can haul your dirt bikes for a fraction of the cost!

Customize Your Drop-Tail Dirt Bike Trailer

Drop-Tail Trailers is here to provide an all-in-one solution when it comes to your motorcycle trailer. In addition to the lightweight build and unmatched durability of our dirt bike trailers, we offer a number of trailer accessories to get you out to your favorite riding spot.

If you’re ready to upgrade your dirt bike trailer for success, Drop-Tail offers products such as:

  • Stone guards and shields — Find the right shield to protect your lightweight trailer and motorcycles from incoming rocks and debris. Drop-Tail’s guards are ruggedly designed to maximize efficiency, durability, and affordability.
  • Tool boxes (available in 81 or 91 inches) — Featuring a welded aluminum lid and added security, you can store your gear while using your trailer and still fold it up when not in use.
  • Wheel chocks — Whether you need a wheel chock for lighter motorcycles or something more rugged for your cruisers, Drop-Tail offers high-quality products to keep your bike safe and secure.
  • Guide rails — Do you need a smooth, reliable way to guide your bike onto your motorcycle trailer? Our assist rails are perfect for bikes with fairings!
  • Spare wheel and tire set — Restore your trailer back to safe working condition or come prepared with a spare with our 13-inch custom wheel and radial tire set.

Drop-Tail dirt bike trailers are designed to be your best choice for how to get your bikes up to the trails. Our lightweight, durable, foldable motorcycle haulers have garnered a reputation for delivering serious quality at a price you can afford. We’re excited to show off the quality of our products, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to learn more? Contact us online or fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to speaking with you!


For the best dirt bike trailers on the market, you need a Drop-Tail. Visit our blog page for more in-depth information about our trailers, and check out our online store for everything you need to keep your trailer in tip-top shape.