There are very few things in this world as liberating as riding a motorcycle. To feel the air rushing past you on the highway or while you’re riding along a curving, serene mountain road is an experience that we treasure. Sometimes, though, riding your motorcycle can be a long and gruelling process. At Drop-Tail Trailers, we want you to always enjoy the time you spend on your bike, so designed our collapsible motorcycle trailers to be incredibly easy to load up and even easier to fold up when you’re done using them.

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Our Lightweight Motorcycle Trailers Are Different

Drop-Tail Trailers Take Up Much Less Space

Traditionally, motorcycle trailers have been flatbed trailers that were essentially just an open-topped box on wheels. If you had more than one bike or a lot of gear, you could spring for a large, covered trailer with a ramp and maybe even a door. While both of these options will allow you to get to where you want to go with your motorcycles, they are expensive, heavy, and they take up a lot of space. If you wanted to keep one of these trailers in the garage to protect it from the elements, even the smallest single-motorcycle trailers were so large that they essentially filled an entire parking spot in your garage.

With our patent-pending designs, when you return home after a trip, all you have to do is unload your motorcycle, go through a few simple steps, and your trailer will fold up into a nice, neat rolling package that can quickly be tucked against a wall inside your garage. No longer will you have to sacrifice a parking spot inside your garage just to have a motorcycle trailer that you can keep indoors.

Loading Up Your Bike is Easier With a Drop-Tail Trailer

Instead of having to use ramps to get your motorcycle into the back of a truck, or using a fold-down date on a trailer, with a Drop-Tail Trailer, the ramp is the trailer. With our trailers you don’t have to attach separate parts onto the trailer before you can ride your bike onto it, Drop-Tails are different. With just a few simple adjustments, the rear half of the trailer inclines slightly, allowing you to ride onto it smoothly. Once your bike is secured, a few more adjustments, and you’re ready to go! Our system is so easy to use that you can load and unload your motorcycles by yourself — even if you’re riding a heavy cruiser!

Shop with Drop-Tail Trailers today! We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your new trailer, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. We’ll even pay to have it shipped back to us!

We Have Many Different Trailer Options

The One-Up Cruiser and Sport Bike Trailer
If you only have one motorcycle or you’re taking a solo trip, the One-Up is perfect for you. Built to carry a cruiser, a sport bike, or a small ATV, this trailer makes it easy to load up and get out of town. Can also be used as a flatbed trailer.


The Two-Up Cruiser and Sport Bike Trailer
Perfect for a trip with your significant other or a friend, the Two-Up trailer lets you quickly and securely load one or two bikes for a trip. It also has enough space for one or two ATVs (depending on size), a trike, a UTV, or a golf cart. As you can probably tell, this trailer is built to handle almost anything!


The Two-Up Dirt Bike Trailer
Built to carry two dirt bikes, the Two-Up can also carry a UTV, one or two ATVs, a golf cart, or one or two smaller cruisers or sport bikes. If you want to travel to your favorite motocross track in town or across the country, this lightweight motorcycle trailer is perfect for you!


The Three-Up Dirt Bike Trailer
Whether you like to have your choice of dirt bikes on the track or trail, or you and a few friends or family members want to get out and enjoy your dirt bikes, the Three-Up trailer is the collapsible motorcycle trailer that you’ve been searching for. In addition to handling three dirt bikes, this trailer can also haul a UTV, a golf cart, or one or two ATVs. Rated to carry 2100 pounds, this trailer doesn’t mess around!


The Trike Trailer 2200
When you need a trailer that has the additional width necessary for hauling a full-sized trike, one to two ATVs, a UTV, a golf cart, or a cruiser, look no further than the Trike Trailer 2200. Built to safely carry 2100 pounds, this trailer features all of the innovative, patent-pending features of our motorcycle trailers (including the ability to fold up into a smaller, space-saving package) with a wider footprint for your trike.


The Street Pro 2200 Powersport Utility Trailer
If you own a Can-Am Spyder, one or two ATVs, a golf cart, or a UTV, the Street Pro 2200 Powersport trailer is the perfect way to haul all of your favorite recreational vehicles! Our easy-load designs makes loading up and getting on the road as easy as possible!


DT Powersport 2100 Utility Trailer
Designed especially for ATVs, UTVs, or a golf cart, the DT Powersport Trailer from Drop-Tail Trailer can carry up to 2100 pounds. This trailer also works perfectly as a flatbed trailer.


Shop with us today to find the trailer that meets and exceeds your needs! Drop-Tail Trailers knows that you’ll love your new trailer from us, but if you don’t, we have a 30-day full refund policy. We’ll also pay for all of the return shipping.

Load Up Your Bikes and See America!

The United States is such a gigantic country that it can be hard to comprehend just how you can see all of it without turning it into a full-time job. Today, we’re offering a few suggestions to start with! If you’ve already visited these places, use these as a jumping-off point. What was your favorite part of each trip, besides just being on your motorcycle? What have you had your fill of? In future blogs, we will cover many more great places to visit, so please check back often!

When you need a lightweight motorcycle trailer to haul your bike, use a Drop-Tail Trailer! They’re easy to load and unload, they look great, and they fold up for easy storage in your garage or shop! Shop with us today to find the small motorcycle trailer that you’ve always been looking for. We are so certain that a Drop-Tail trailer will be the last trailer you will ever want to own that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your trailer for whatever reason, we will refund your money and even pay for the return freight.

The Grand Canyon

In a country full of geological wonders, the Grand Canyon is probably the most impressive. Stretching 277 miles through Arizona, it gets as deep as one mile in some places! There is nothing like seeing it in person, and we recommend hauling your bikes out there and spending a few days riding around and soaking it in! Because it covers such a large area, there are many stretches of the canyon that won’t be filled with tourists, which means that you can take a few minutes to quietly absorb the power of the area without worrying about running into other people.

Mount Rushmore

Carved out of the Black Hills, the faces of four of our most important presidents are a great reminder of the history of our nation and our ability to weather storms. While the monument itself is an incredible sight to behold, the entire Black Hills area is full of stunning landscapes that you’ll want to see from the back of your bike. The weather during spring and summer is usually pleasant, so if you’ve been searching for a place to ride that is comfortable and beautiful, you can’t do much better than the Black Hills area.

(Sturgis is in the Black Hills, too. Hint, hint!)

The Redwoods of California

Nestled just outside of San Francisco, the Redwood National and State Parks will help you experience the world in a way that we rarely get the chance to. These colossal trees dwarf everything, and they’re certain to inhabit your thoughts for a long time!

We hope that these destinations inspire you to load up your motorcycles onto a Drop-Tail Trailer and head out to explore this wonderful country! Check out all of the trailers that we have available that will make getting out and seeing the world even easier. Whether you have one, two, or three bikes, an ATV, a golf cart, or a UTV, we have something that will make hauling it easier than ever.

Collapsible Motorcycle Trailers are the Best Way to Haul a Bike

Unless you run a motocross team or you own a bike shop, owning a large flatbed trailer or an enclosed trailer is probably overkill. Not only do these trailers take up lot of space, they’re also very heavy and can negatively impact your gas mileage. When you want to travel with your motorcycle but you don’t want to deal with lugging a monstrosity of a trailer behind you, a collapsible motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers is your best bet!

Read on to learn more about how our trailers can make your vacation feel relaxing instead of stressful, then check out the lightweight motorcycle trailers that we have for sale. We know that you’ve never before seen anything like what we make, because our patent-pending designs have revolutionized the way that trailers look, load, and ride. When you’re ready to purchase the best trailer you’ll ever own, check out your options, here.

Our Trailers are Easy to Load

Mankind has accomplished many amazing things as a species, but despite the fact that we’ve had motorcycles for more than 100 years, it seems like we still haven’t found a great way to take them places without complicated or dangerous means. Until now, that is. When you use a Drop-Tail Trailer, you don’t need extra ramps and you won’t need a team of people to push your bike or spot you while you ride up a steep ramp. Instead, our trailers are designed in such a way that makes them their own low-profile ramp. With a few small, easy adjustments, the tail end of our trailers drop (see where we get the name from?) so you can ride up onto it. While many other trailers have built-in ramps, they never do a great job of adapting to the terrain, and, in a lot of cases, they never lie low enough for you to feel safe loading a motorcycle (especially a cruiser) on your own.

In addition to being easy to load, our unique system makes securing your motorcycles simple, too. Once you ride onto the trailer, our specially designed wheel chock secures and stabilizes the bike so you can lift the drop tail and further secure your motorcycles using straps.

Our Lightweight Motorcycle Trailers are Easy to Unload

After you’ve arrived at your destination, getting your motorcycle off the trailer in order to ride it is as easy as reversing the steps. Drop the tail, unstrap the bike, and back it off the trailer. The same forgiving angle that allowed you to easily drive onto the trailer makes it simple and safe to back your bike off.

Once you’ve unloaded, you can engage another one of the innovative features that we’ve designed into every one of our trailers: the ability to fold it up so that it takes up far less space. Whether you’re staying at a campsite, a motel, or a friend’s home, our collapsible motorcycle trailers save a lot of space. Instead of requiring their own parking space, Drop-Tail Trailers can easily be rolled and stored against a wall in a garage, or alongside your truck or RV.

When you shop with Drop-Tail, you’re shopping with a company who cares about making your trips with your motorcycles, ATVs, trikes, and golf carts safer and easier. We are so certain that our trailers, motorcycle dollies, and trailer accessories will meet and exceed your expectations, that your satisfaction guaranteed. If, within the first 30 days that you own your trailer, you aren’t satisfied with it, we will give you a full refund. When we say full, we mean it — we even pay for the return freight.

We Make the Best Motorcycle Trailers Ever

At Drop-Tail Trailers, there is never room for compromise or corner-cutting. Instead, we devote everything we have to ensuring that each one of our motorcycle trailers is built using the strongest materials and designed to eliminate excess weight. Instead of trying to do whatever everyone else has done, we decided to create a new kind of folding motorcycle trailer that is much easier to load than other trailers, incredibly easy to haul, and easy to store. Check out the rest of this section for more information about our trailers and what makes them so special and then head over to our online store and find the motorcycle trailer that is just right for you.

We have models that are designed to haul a single cruiser and other models that can safely and efficiently carry up to three dirt bikes. If you’ve been searching for an affordable and easy-to-use trailer to load your UTV, ATV, or golf cart, we make a model that is perfect for those powersports vehicles.

We Approach the Motorcycle Trailer Differently

When we first started thinking about how to build a better motorcycle trailer, we did a lot of research and came up with a bunch of ideas. The problem was, all of our ideas were based off of existing designs. We kept asking ourselves, “how do we improve a flat bed trailer?” or “what can we do to make this enclosed trailer easier to use?” While many great products have been created from trying to improve something else, we knew that we had to start over. If we wanted to build the kind of trailers we wanted, there was nowhere to start but from the beginning.

We challenged the assumptions about what a motorcycle trailer was. Instead of treating a motorcycle trailer like a modification of a flatbed trailer, what would happen if we started from scratch. We decided that all of the extra room in a flatbed trailer wasn’t necessary, so we scrapped it. We knew that wood wasn’t the only material to make the bed out of, so we found a strong, lightweight metal. We were sick of hauling extra ramps around to be able to load and unload our motorcycles, so we turned the entire trailer into its own, simple-to-operate ramp.

We Don’t Compromise

While all of these new innovations may have been difficult to design and manufacture, we knew that we were on the right track. Instead of giving up and building yet another expensive enclosed trailer, we kept working to keep the quality of our components high and the costs low. Eventually, we were able to get to a point where we were happy with everything. If you have ever built anything yourself, you know just how satisfying that can be. However, that just wasn’t good enough for us. We had to let other people have access to our success. That is how Drop-Tail Trailers was born.

If you are sick of settling for ‘good enough,’ check out our line of powersport and motorcycle trailers today. We know that you will find a model built just for you! Make your next trip easier than you thought could be possible!

Items to Pack in Your Collapsible Motorcycle Trailer

One of the benefits of having a motorcycle trailer is that you have more space to bring more gear that you might need on your trip. While Drop-Tail trailers don’t have as much space to store things as enclosed trailers do, our toolboxes give you a lot of room in a key-secured package. Below is a list of items you should have with you on every motorcycle trip.

Safety and Riding Gear

Don’t let your trip end before you even start — make sure you have all of your safety and riding gear packed and ready to go.

  • Helmet. Many states in the USA require you to wear a helmet. Even if you don’t like to, wearing a helmet has been proven to help protect your head from debilitating and deadly injuries. If you want to keep riding for years to come, wear your helmet.
  • Leathers/Protective Clothing. In the event that you do take a spill, you will want to protect your skin. It’s a huge understatement to say this, but road rash is a bummer. Leather clothing, as well as other fabrics that have been designed to handle contact with the road, can help save your skin.
  • Gloves. Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements when you ride. Gloves protect your skin from road rash, sunburn, and more.\
  • A roadside safety kit w/ flares or reflective triangles, a first-aid kit, flashlight, and jumper cables. In case your towing vehicle breaks down, a roadside safety kit will allow you to safely work on your vehicle. Hopefully you won’t need the roadside kit, but it is always better to have one and not need it than it is to need it and not have it.

Tools, Trailer Accessories, and Spare Parts

To make sure that you can keep riding even if something happens to your bike or trailer, make sure to pack:

  • Tools for your towing vehicle, your motorcycle, and the trailer. Even a simple set of tools can save a trip or save you money at a mechanic. There are plenty of smaller tool sets available that are just right for taking care of common mechanical problems and you can find them in standard and metric. It’s a good idea to include some zip ties in any tool kit, as they can come in handy.
  • Spare parts. A spare tire and wheel for your vehicles, and fuses are a great start. While you don’t want to fill your towing vehicle or Drop-Tail toolbox with stuff you won’t need, having backups for components that are prone to failure is smart.
  • A Drop-Tail trailer jack. If you plan on detaching your trailer, you’ll need a trailer jack. The Drop-Tail Trailer jack is lightweight, small, and easy to pack.

Find your new collapsible motorcycle trailer at Drop-Tail Trailers today! We build each of our trailers from the strongest and lightest materials possible in order to make towing and moving them easy. Our original designs will help make towing and storing your trailer easier. Contact us today if you have any questions!