Where to Take Your Trike With You On Vacation

Traveling has to be one of the most rewarding experiences available in the modern day. Once upon a time, traveling was a pain. You’d have to load up a whole baggage train, book passage on a ship, or simply walk somewhere. Thankfully, there’s no need for a carriage to carry you across the country on a really bumpy road (or lack thereof) anymore. Instead, there’s super smooth vehicles that are a dream to drive, which almost drive themselves, or there’s planes if you’re going to some far flung destination. But if you’re mostly thinking about exploring the beauty of Northern America, you can reach everything by road. In fact, it can be the perfect excuse to break in your new motorcycle or trike trailer on a new journey. Wondering where you can go? We’ve got a few ideas.


Canada is a rich natural area. There are big cities all over, certainly, but it’s known for its large expanses without civilization where exotic northern animals traverse and live freely. It’s characterized by brisk, beautiful days with stunning sapphire blue sky and mountain peaks in the distance. Indeed, if you’re looking for somewhere to go up North, you might consider a trip to British Columbia, Alberta. You’ll be able to find a heavily wooded area to camp in and breathe mountain air. You can take hikes, or you can climb on the back of your trike since you hauled it all this way, and take a drive to go and see the frosty mountain peaks surrounded by shimmering lakes that look more like glass than water. You’ll be able to find hidden fishing spots, feel the cold, bracing Northern air on your face as you roar down the rural and twisting roads, surrounded on all sides by presses of evergreen. It’s one of the most easily accessible natural areas of stunning beauty. You could do worse than pick Canada for your maiden voyage with a trike trailer. 

Utah & Nevada

If your passport is expired and you don’t feel like renewing it, or you’re looking for somewhere on the warmer side, there’s always the rolling red hills in the Western US deserts. Utah and Nevada offer stunning red landscapes, framed by views of towering cacti and desert sunsets. There’s so much open land, that you’ll be hard pressed to not find a place to rest and take it easy. Once you’ve stretched your legs, you’ll be able to climb onto your trike and take it whirling and spinning around towering mesas, through golden grassed fields and around old lava rock from volcanoes that have long since gone to sleep. It’s a seemingly barren land, but one that never lacks in extreme beauty. Plus, there’s nothing like a ride on your bike while you watch a desert sunset filled with colors you usually only see on a painter’s pallet. 


The Northern sea offers the closest thing to the turquoise and teal waters that populate the coasts of countries like Ireland and Scotland. Those crystal clear, but oh-so cold waters make the lush greens of this rainy area that much more stunning. You’ll see heaps of black granite crumbling off of mountain sides into the sea. You’ll glimpse from the road huge drops off white, sandstone cliffs that are covered in vibrant, soft moss. The color contrasts in this area’s natural habitat, including the types of wildlife you’ll see are the perfect way to experience some of the most beautiful and different natural beauty the US has to offer. Plus, there’s always cities to stop in like Seattle, where you can play the tourist for the day before returning to the quiet and meditative road. This is a perfect place to take your trike—just bring a jacket instead of a swimsuit, as the water’s real cold.


If you’re more interested in the lush south and the delicious food they have to offer there too, Georgia is calling to you. You won’t have to camp near a swamp, like you might have to if you’re in Florida. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy that legendary country hospitality. But you’ll also be able to go for a drive on your trike outside of the boundaries of civilization and see quite a bit. Georgia is a land dotted with incredible antebellum architecture enclosed by huge poplar trees and other strange and beautiful southern species of plant. You’ll see moss dripping off of branches, cute farm houses, stately mansions, and lush greenery on all sides. All of this green is magnificently  contrasted by the nutrient-rich red earth that Georgia is so well-known for. Plus, at the end of the day, you’ll be able to sit down for incredible Southern cooking and a good sleep after a long day in the humid sun. 

Start Exploring The US On The Back Of Your Trike

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