Why Invest In An Affordable Motorcycle Trailers

Purchasing a motorcycle trailer is a big decision. Owning a motorcycle isn’t an inexpensive hobby, and it can be daunting to deal with some of the costs that you’ll have to pay to get your bike up to the level you want it to be. It can be like owning a boat, where you feel like you constantly pour money into the hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, every smart shopper out there will tell you where you need to start: buying better upfront. You see, the initial misconception about any hobby and any gear you need for that hobby if that you should pinch pennies where you can and splurge where you want. There’s actually much more finesse to it than that. For when smart shoppers refer to something as “affordable” they don’t mean cheap, they mean worth the price it’s marked at. 

Something cheap is worth less than the price it’s marked at. It’s a mark of huge profit margins and low quality. Cheap is a negatively associated word, because when you cheap-out on things they inevitably end up breaking and then you have to spend the money to buy another one. In this way, something that at first seems “cheap” can become rather expensive as you’re now spending based on quantity instead of quality. The difference here lies in an “affordable” motorcycle trailer. Because when you do decide that you want one, you’ll need to start looking for one, and the important part is that you look for one that is affordable, not cheap. Because saving money upfront isn’t always the best way to save money in the long-run. 

When you’ve determined that you’re going to buy a motorcycle trailer, there’s a couple of crucial steps to examine first. Beyond affordability, you’re going to want to analyze your real needs. Laying these out first can help you make the right decision when you come across the right model. It’s not like trying on jeans where you just go in and see what you like. You’ll need to have a plan first to get the best bang for your buck on this new extension of your hobby and all the fun you have with your bike. So what factors should you decide on first? 

Size Of Your Trailer

This is, perhaps, one of the most important factors in choosing a trailer that won’t just last in the long-run but will continue to be a versatile way for you to pursue your hobby on the go. As you likely know, motorcycle trailers will come in a variety of widths and lengths. Getting a different size will allow you to trade up to a bigger motorcycle that’s not necessarily the common size, or fit the one you’ve already got. Unless you have a motorcycle that is not a standard size, you can rest easy knowing that all motorcycle trailers are sized to fit at least one standard motorcycle within to tow around. If you’re looking for extra storage space where you’re keeping your bike, or you’d like to fit more than just one motorcycle, you’ll need to toggle that size according to that need. 

Open or Enclosed

One of the other big decisions you’ll need to make in regard to the trailer you’ll purchase is whether you prefer a closed or open model. If you’re hoping to successfully protect your bike from the elements while you’re on the road, and your butt’s not protecting the seat, you’ll need that enclosed feature to keep the bike from sustaining potential damage from the elements. Then again, if you’re not worried about wandering far, or you’re willing to put in the time to quickly wipe down any excess water to keep the bike in good shape, an open styled trailer may work fine for your needs. Do keep in mind though that it’s not just the hail, snow and rain that a covered trailer can protect your bike from. An enclosed trailer actually shields your bike from the far more serious natural element that can cause far more damage to any machine: the sun. 

The sun doesn’t just crack the leather on your seats, it speeds up the aging of everything it touches. From fading the paint to warming and making the metal susceptible to damage. An enclosed trailer can also shield your bike from any road debris that could chip the paint and harm other parts of the bike. If you’re planning on moving around during the winter, this doesn’t just protect from regular debris, is protecting from extra damaging and gross road salt and so much more. In short, if you’re thinking of straying far and in potentially inclimate weather, it’s best to get your bike protected instead. If you’re just looking for something to help you take the bikes up to the cabin a couple hours drive away, it’s less of a concern depending on your expectations for the condition of your bike. 

Steel Or Aluminum?

The next consideration you ought to make is in regard to your future trailer is the material you’d prefer it to be made from. Most trailers will either be made from aluminum or steel and you’ll have to weigh your options with each. For example, aluminum is known for being lighter weight than steel, which is great if you drive a vehicle with a lower towing capacity available. It’s also far more rust-resistant and requires less care over time. These factors make it seem like the most popular solution, but it’s also far more expensive than its steel counterpart. In-turn, steel requires more maintenance, is heavier and does require a fair amount of maintenance from time-to-time. However, if you’re not afraid of a little maintenance, it’s still quality material and can last a very long time when treated right. It’s more a matter of the weight your vehicle can handle and your willingness to care-take your accessories. 

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