Make Maintenance Easy With a Motorcycle Dolly

Whether you love spending your free time working on your motorcycle or you’re one of those people who likes to perform their own motorcycle maintenance to ensure that it is done correctly, Drop-Tail Trailers can help! In addition to our state-of-the-art collapsible motorcycle trailers, we also manufacture a range of other products that will make caring for your bike easier than ever. Read on to learn about our Cycle Glyder motorcycle dollies and then check out our online store. While we know that you will love everything you make, we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. If you just aren’t happy with your trailer or dolly, send it back and we will refund your money. We even pay the return shipping costs.

Motorcycle Dolly Features

  • Our dollies are built with ten strong wheels to make maneuvering your bike easy. If you have ever tried to get your motorcycle into the perfect position in order to work on it or clean it, you’ve probably had to move it three or four or ten times. With our motorcycle dollies, you won’t have to try multi-point turns anymore!
  • The Promax wheel chock keeps your bike upright for better access to all of the components of the motorcycle. Cleaning or working on your bike while it is resting on a kickstand isn’t always easy. Our Promax chock allows your to stand your bike up so you can easily access both sides of your motorcycle to perform maintenance or while you’re cleaning your bike.
  • Built with a locking ramp and locking wheels for extra stability. These locks are designed to make it safe and easy for you to be able to ride your motorcycle on and off of the dolly and to secure the bike in place when you are performing difficult work. Our dollies are built to ride as low to the ground as possible to add even more stability.

What Makes Our Dollies Better

Our Cycle Glyder dollies work for motorcycles of almost any size. Whether you have a smaller cruiser or a larger touring bike, and even if you are riding on a larger rear wheel, our dollies will work. Our dollies are built to accommodate bikes with up to a 70” wheel base and a 240mm wide rear tire.

In addition to all of the features mentioned above, we build each dolly using extremely strong materials that will be able to handle years and years of heavy usage. Each Cycle Glyder is rated to handle a whopping 1500 pounds! We don’t skimp on the wheels or the paint, either. Our wheels can handle heavy loads and are non-marking, while we went with an attractive and strong powder coat finish.

Find your new motorcycle dolly, a new lift, or the best motorcycle trailer you will ever own, at Drop-Tail Trailers today! We stand behind everything that we build and we are always happy to answer any question that you might have about any of our lightweight motorcycle trailers, dollies, and trailer parts and accessories. Contact us today with questions or place your order now.