Lightweight Motorcycle Trailer Features You Need

Investing in a motorcycle trailer is how to bring your traveling game to the next level. With a motorcycle trailer, you won’t have to give up on any of the creature comforts you love so well. Riding for hours on-end while straddling a motorcycle is great fun, but it’s not always great fun for your back. If you’re pondering an across country trip to witness the stunning natural beauty that our nation has to offer, you’ll likely want to do so from the cushy, air-conditioned front seat of your vehicle, rather than straddling your bike. Long distance riding can be really enjoyable, but for the long haul, you’ll want a trailer tugging your bike along with you so you can enjoy a breezy, open-aired ride whenever you want with the option to go back to the comfort of a camper or a leather-clad vehicle instead. 

But that begs the question: What kind of motorcycle trailer should I get? We can help you out with a few ideas.

Gas Mileage

Lightweight motorcycle trailers are unparalleled as far as gas mileage savings. Most people choose enclosed trailers simply for the extra storage space for their bike. But, when you consider how much wind-resistance and therefore weight you’ll be adding onto your traveling caravan, you’ll likely think again. Lightweight motorcycle trailers are open-air, but you can strap your bike in securely with a variety of strong accessories that can give you peace of mind, if you’re worried about a heavier bike shifting around while it’s in the back. In fact, your gas mileage saving will need to be taken into consideration, especially if you’re driving a nice big vehicle. Trucks and RVs need lots of gas, and they need more fuel if you’re towing something. So there’s no reason not to give your checkbook an occasional break by investing in a trailer that might be a little better as far as wind resistance. 


There’s a reason that lighter weight motorcycle trailers are markedly more fuel efficient, and it’s not just because they’re adding less overall mass to pull behind you. It’s also because they tend to be far more aerodynamic. Enclosed trailers are often large boxes that rattle behind you when you’re going 80mph on the highway. Lightweight trailers are actually designed to be only the necessary components to keep the bike safe and a sleek platform for the wind near the ground to flow around. Otherwise, you’ll have the wind-resistance of the bike itself, which is usually minimal according to how the bike was constructed when it comes to any fuel efficiency worries. The aerodynamic designs on lightweight trailers make it easy to tow them both long and short distances. Which, in turn, makes it easier for you to more easily transport your motorcycle wherever you want to take it. 


Our lightweight motorcycle trailers are foldable, which makes for a great solution for most folks. After all, it’s pretty nice to be able to stow away your trailer in the garage up against a wall, and not have to worry about making plenty of room for it. Additionally, while you’re traveling, it’s easier to make space for essentials if you can fold up your trailer. For example, if you don’t have much room for your tent when you’re camping, you can just fold up the trailer, park the bike, and keep your camp compact and easy to clean up and get back on the road. Foldable trailers offer a variety of features, but chief among those is convience. 

More Affordable 

Enclosed, heavy motorcycle trailers offer more storage room, but not much else in the way of real benefits. In fact, Drop Tail Trailers really prefers open trailers for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they’re far more affordable than their enclosed counterparts. For only offering a small benefit of being able to store more while you’re on the road, enclosed trailers really aren’t worth the increased price point. Especially when lightweight, open trailers are more affordable, more gas efficient, and take up much less space overall. 

Easy To Use

The best part about a lightweight trailer is that it’s lightweight. Heavy, enclosed trailers bog down your vehicle, make your engine scream and make it hard to navigate the roads. You’ll find that backing up, pulling into places, and even just turning is much more of a precision operation with a larger trailer. But with a lightweight trailer, it’s much easier and comes easier to many drivers. That means taking your motorcycle with you across the country suddenly got much easier too. 

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