Why Our Trike Trailers Are Better

Open road adventures are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Travelers of all kinds are feeling inspired once more about exploring the road ways and natural beauty of Northern America. From traveling to the Grand Canyon, to weaving between the towering mesas dotting the deserts of the west, and dipping your toes at the California beach, the roads of the US have plenty to offer the curious explorer, and what better way to explore the great country and the natural areas that offer stunning sites than by trike? Certainly, traveling the whole way from your home state on the back of trike probably seems a bit daunting. After all, where will you sleep and prepare food? How long will you be on the road? But, if you’re looking to adventure in an RV or just looking for some more comfortable, and potentially air conditioned seating while you go on your many adventures, you might  simply want a trailer to help you tug along the trike with you. That way, you’ll still get to explore the natural beauty on the back of your bike, but you’ll also have access to the creature comforts you’re used to. If you’re looking for a trike trailer to meet your upcoming journey’s needs, look no farther than Drop Tail Trailer’s excellent selection of high-quality trailers. 

Determine Your Dimensions

Buying a trike trailer, if you haven’t purchased a motorcycle trailer before, might seem like a simple project. You’ll only have to research a few brands, read a few discussion threads to hear the consumer reports you care about and move on from there. However, it’s not that easy. You’ll first need to go out and determine the basic measurements you’ll need for your trike trailer. This is the most important step of the process, as you won’t be able to bring your trike anywhere if the wheels are hanging precariously off the back of the trailer. 

Start by measuring the wheelbase of your trike, that’s the absolute minimum amount of space you’ll need for your trailer. If you’re looking at a trailer with interior compartments or something similar, you’ll need to measure where the trailer slopes on the top, or if it has a tailgate. As the trike will need to fit inside in relation to those things as well. However, due to simple physics, you’ll likely have to account for a bit more space than just those measurements will give you. Trikes carry the majority of their weight further back on their body than other, equivalent bikes. That means you’ll need to slide your trike farther forward on a trailer than you would a bike, before you tie it in place. If you don’t ensure there’s enough room to do that, you’ll find that your trailer will fish tail as you tow it along and it will likely also sit on it’s back side when it’s unhitched. That’ll put excess stress on the trailer itself and it’ll wear out faster, plus fishtailing a trailer when you’re on the open road going at least 80 mph is one of the scarier things that could happen to you, and not just for the safety of your trike, but for your personal safety as well. 

The Drop Tail Trailers are specifically designed to accommodate most trikes. In fact, you won’t have to just purchase an extra wide motorcycle trailer for your trike. We make specifically designed trailers that will help you account for extra weight at the back and your need to pull the trike father forward so it sits snugly in its cradle. 

Maneuverability Of Your Trailer

Trikes can be difficult to drive in their own right. The three wheels can make backing out, pulling in and turning an interesting task. Like with anything, a little practice can go a long way in making you better at driving a trike, but in that same regard, driving a vehicle with a trike attached will also require practice. The best way to make this easier out the gate is to invest in an easily maneuverable trailer for your trike. The width and length of your trailer are non-negotiable, but the amenities the trailer is equipped with can make or break the turning radius and how easily you can tow, back up with and move the trailer whether it’s hitched or not hitched at all. Drop Tail Trailers’ trike trailer is very accommodating to those who haven’t had to maneuver a trike on a trailer before. Because it’s not an enclosed trailer, it can be easy to see where the trailer is going in relation to how you’re moving your vehicle as you’ll be able to see all the way to the back of the trailer. The well-balanced axle makes it easy to control the movements in incremental measurements and keep your maneuvering measured and calm. Amenities like this make it easy to maneuver the trailer as it’s hitched, so you won’t have to worry about unhitching the trailer, backing your car out, manually moving the trailer itself, re-hitching and then reloading your trike. Obviously, this makes the time needed to get up and go in the morning when you’re out on your adventures much easier.  

Fuel Efficiency

Because the Drop Tail Trailers feature sleek body designs and are open trailers, you won’t have as much trouble with wind resistance and the resulting drop in fuel efficiency as you would with a closed trailer. This is a marked benefit, as large trailers can significantly impact your fuel economy. Luckily, since our trailers are open, you’ll be getting a similar wind resistance as the trike itself gets. They’re made to be pretty aerodynamic, even with their three wheels instead of two, so that shouldn’t slow you down. This can make going out on the road a more affordable and easy to complete process than it otherwise would be with a bigger, more cumbersome and expensive trailer. 

What Our Trike Can Do

Beyond all of those benefits, the Drop Tail Trailers’ trike trailer is a remarkable example of the high-quality engineering and craftsmanship that’s put into every single one of our motorcycle trailers. Obviously, the renowned benefit of our trailers remains the rampless design. Because our trailers come without ramps, they’re far easier to load and unload, especially when you’re dealing with a truly heavy vehicle like a trike, rather than a motorcycle. Our design makes it easy to tie-down your bike securely, so you feel safe towing your baby around the country. In fact, the fixtures created to tie-down your bike and keep it safe are strategically placed to ensure that you trike doesn’t shift with the road from side to side or back and forth. This reduces any potential damage the bike might otherwise suffer while on the trailer, and makes the trailer as a whole safer to tow, especially across long distances and through twisting and winding mountain roads if you’re looking to strike out west into the Rocky Mountains. Trikes, because they’re bottom- and rear-heavy, have a tendency to shift with the movements of the road, which is more than just a little dangerous. 

Additionally, this trailer can fold-up, so you won’t have to take up so much space when you’re camping. The load capacity of 2100 lbs makes it easy to use this trailer for other vehicles too, if it strikes your fancy to do so. For example, you can use it to carry golf carts, ATVs, UTVs, and other things along with you too, if you’re not looking to bring the trike with you this time. These benefits make this one of the most versatile wide flatbed trailers on the market, and it’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you won’t find just anywhere. 

Conquer The Open Road With The Help Of Drop Tail Trailers 

At Drop Tail Trailers, we’re dedicated to helping you acquire the accessories you need to make your life on the road and off the road better. We know just how rewarding it can be to travel across the country with your bike in-tow, so you can take it out and truly experience the natural wonders of our world. And we know how hard it can be to trust a trailer with your trike. After all, your bike is no small investment, and it’s natural to want to protect it. That’s why we always include a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our customers. We want you to feel comfortable with how well your bike is tied down. We want you to test the trailer and explore its durability, fuel economy. and maneuverability. We want to make sure that you invested in the right motorcycle trailer for your specific needs. 

If you’re not too sure yet about the construction of our pieces and how well our trailers will suit your needs, reach out to us. We’re always here to make your shopping experience easier and more transparent. We have loads of resources for you to browse through to help you make the right decision for you, but if you can’t find your answer there, we’re always here to help. Find out more about our drop trailer technology and more, or just dive right in and start shopping for the perfect motorcycle trailer for you today.