What Are You Looking for In a Motorcycle Trailer?

Nothing quite matches the sensation of the wind rushing by as you ride your bike down the open road. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your bike to get everywhere you need to go. When you need a motorcycle trailer to complete your convoy, it pays to find the best fit for your needs!

Drop-Tail Trailers is proud to offer industry-leading motorcycle trailers for riders of all types. Tell us what you’re looking for in a trailer, and we’ll provide the top-notch solutions to match your needs. Keep reading to catch up on what you might need in your hauler trailer, and be sure to browse our shop to find the tie-down straps and accessories you need to outfit your new purchase!

Versatile Bike Options

Do you have more than one bike you wish to haul to your destination? Be sure to find a motorcycle trailer with the right clearance for the job! Many trailers offer the space for more than one vehicle, yet the process of installing and lining up the right wheel chocks can prove to be a major hassle. If your hauler is not designated to carry more than one bike, you may find yourself limited!

Our Class II trailers provide complete peace of mind for those with numerous bikes. If you want to haul three dirt bikes, be sure to check out our Three-Up trailer. If you have two cruisers or sports bikes, our Two-Up option provides a versatile fit. These trailers can also haul a couple of ATVs, a UTV, or even your golf cart!

The Right Trailer Weight

The gross weight of your motorcycle trailer will play a large role in determining your total tow capacity. You don’t want to rely on an oversized motorcycle hauler, as the excess weight will put undue stress on your engine and burn up your fuel efficiency. On the other hand, motorcycle trailers that are too light in weight tend to compromise rigidity and strength. Another concern is stability, if the trailer is too light to stay steady going down the highway — especially in windy conditions. Many riders seek out a balanced solution to their hauling needs.

Drop-Tail Trailers offers the perfect blend of lightweight designs and rigid protection. We rely on aluminum decks to cut down on the total weight while employing ultra-strong steel tubing to compose the frame. The result is a motorcycle trailer that is light enough to make setup and travel easy and strong enough to perform in the harshest conditions.

Ultimate Convenience

Instead of relying on heavy and cumbersome ramps, why not opt for something a little more convenient? Our drop-tail motorcycle trailers rely on hydraulics to allow you to move your bike up onto the bed, which itself becomes a ramp.

Our motorcycle hauler trailers are very convenient, especially when they are paired with the right wheel chocks, rock guards, tool boxes, and motorcycle jacks needed for fast and effective transportation. Whether you plan on taking one bike with you on a road trip or want to deploy three bikes on the mountain trails, it pays to find a trailer with a convenient setup to make preparation and deployment a breeze.

Common-Sense Products

The process of loading motorcycles onto a trailer doesn’t have to be daunting, and you certainly shouldn’t require a degree in physics to safely load your system. Many riders find peace of mind in our simple solutions that minimize the need for extra equipment and extra hands. Wouldn’t you prefer to get the job done in no time without breaking a sweat?

Our drop-tail motorcycle trailers come with an effective hydraulic system to turn the entire trailer into your ramp. You can chock your wheels on the surface and return your trailer back to its original form, completing all of the work without any logistical challenges. This process is intuitive and easy to learn. Help isn’t needed, but be sure to ask for a hand if you want some extra assistance!

Cost-Effective Storage

One major consideration for many riders is how much space their motorcycle trailer will take up when not in use. If you don’t have a clear area in your garage for storage when your hauler is not being used, things can get pretty crowded! Some trailers offer breakdown options, which may require you to remove the wheels or disassemble several components. If you want to haul your bike on the road, be sure to consider how much space your motorcycle trailer will take up!

Drop-Tail Trailers are designed to offer ideal storage solutions in addition to proven hauling capabilities. Our small motorcycle haulers fold at the axle, allowing both sides of your trailer to fold up and out of the way. Each trailer comes with guiding wheels along the bottom of the frame, working in tandem with your wheels to create a simple way to move your system once it is in storage mode. Our Drop-Tails can fold to be 94 inches in height and 40 inches in depth, making it easy to store up against a wall and out of the way.

Complete Coverage

Your motorcycle trailer may only be as good as the customer support you receive once you make your purchase. It pays to find the right equipment and the right team that can provide you with technical support or further assistance if something goes wrong. Drop-Tail Trailers is here to ensure complete satisfaction with every purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, then we will refund your purchase and cover the cost of return shipping.

Buy Today!

You’re looking for a cost-effective motorcycle hauler trailer that offers convenience and style., and Drop-Tail Trailers is here to provide industry-leading results, relying on our versatile products to get the job done for cruisers, sports bikes, and more. We’re confident that our online shop has the right fit for your needs. Browse our collection today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!