Three of the Best Motorcycle Rides in the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most beautiful parts of the United States. With high peaks, lush forests, clear rivers and lakes, and a diverse and exciting amount of wildlife, the Rockies are perfect for riders who want to see some of the most fascinating terrain on the continent. The mountains are also full of great people and fun cities and towns where you can see what life is like for folks who live close to the majesty of this impressive range. The areas around the mountains are equally as stunning — high plains to the east and a mixture of prairie and desert to the west…but we’ll cover those areas in a later entry.

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Independence Pass

One of the highest passes in Colorado, Independence Pass is almost like a rite of passage for people who live in Colorado. The summit is above treeline and offers visitors a chance to see alpine tundra as well as an astonishing view of Colorado’s highest mountain, Mt. Elbert. Make sure you check to see if the pass is open before you head out — it isn’t uncommon to see snow on the ground even in July and the pass is usually open for only a few months each year.

The Montana Scenic Loop

This 400 mile stretch of road takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Big Sky Country. The road is usually quiet as it takes you through prairie, deep and dark forests, and into a section of land dotted with countless rivers and bodies of water. There are multiple National Parks in the area as well as wildlife refuges and a number of small communities where you can stop.


We could write a nearly infinite number of words on Yellowstone, but we will settle for a few highlights. Whatever part of the park you want to see, plan to spend double the time you originally planned for. At Yellowstone, even the ride to a destination will turn into a series of stops. With beautiful forests, majestic geysers, incredible geologic structures, and vast herds of wildlife, Yellowstone has everything you could ever hope for.

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