Haul Your Dirt Bikes With A Drop-Tail Motorcycle Trailer

When you get onto a dirt bike, everything else seems to disappear. Gone are your worries about work or school or money. Instead, an intoxicating mixture of calm and excitement seeps into every tissue of your body as you start the engine and take off. The roar of the engine combines with the rhythmic bounce of the tires across any kind of terrain, and you feel everything but the ride evaporate.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to talk yourself out of loading up your dirt bike and getting out of town. Prepping and loading a motorcycle trailer is usually enough to make you blow off the opportunity for fun. Well, not anymore. When you buy a Drop-Tail Trailer for your dirt bikes, not only will you get out and ride more often, you won’t even think twice about whether it is worth the effort, because our trailers make it almost effortless! Check out our selection of motorcycle trailers in our online store, or read on for information about the trailers that can carry your dirt bikes.

Special Drop-Tail Trailer Features

Each of our trailers is built with extra-strong, lightweight materials and features our “drop-tail” — a special feature that allows you to safely and quickly load your bike without needing any additional equipment like ramps. The hydraulic system easily lowers and lifts the trailer, and once you are back home, you can fold the trailer up and tuck it along a wall in your garage to save space. We’re so certain that a Drop-Tail Trailer will be right for you that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every trailer we sell. If you aren’t happy, we’ll pay to have it shipped back to us and refund your full purchase price.

Trailers For One Motorcycle

Our One-Up trailer is an excellent option for anyone who owns one bike or who travels by themselves. This trailer is designed to haul everything from a dirt bike to a full-size cruiser or sport bike, which means that you don’t have to buy two trailers to haul two different motorcycles. The special wheel chock allows your motorcycles to sit straight up, making it far easier to tie it down, and ride it off of the trailer.

Trailers For Multiple Motorcycles

The Three-Up trailer is designed for people who own multiple dirt bikes or other powersports equipment. This trailer allows for quick and easy loading and unloading, and is perfectly sized for hauling vehicles without being so big that it negatively impacts the towing vehicle. Thanks to the design of this trailer, it can also be used as a regular flatbed trailer if the need should arise. The Three-Up is perfect for families who like to dirt bike together or smaller motocross teams who want a great trailer without spending tons of money on a heavy, unwieldy enclosed trailer.

If you have questions about any of our innovative lightweight motorcycle trailers, please reach out. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about why our trailers are the right choice for you. Check out the rest of our store for all of the trailer accessories you need, including rock guards, tool boxes, motorcycle tie-downs that won’t scratch your finish, and much more.