Feeling Cooped Up? You Can Enjoy the Open Air On Your Motorcycle

Cities across the country are being advised to bunker down and minimize social contact, creating considerable isolation for many. The CDC recommends avoiding close contact with others, yet suggests going outside to soak up the sun and get some fresh air. Times are crazy right now, and if you’re tired of feeling cooped up at home, there may still be some hope for excitement — the freedom of the open road. 

You may still have time to get out and travel (provided you follow all precautions), which is why many Americans are getting on their motorcycles and taking a cruise. At Drop-Tail Trailers, we believe in providing the best to our customers, and our Class II motorcycle trailers are built to perfection. Each of our trailers is designed and built by riders with a commonsense approach, maximizing durability and value without compromising on price. Each of our drop-tail trailers is designed to use the trailer itself as a ramp, folding down to allow one individual to easily load their bike (or two or three).

We know how stressful it can be feeling stuck inside all day, but with the right motorcycle trailer, you can set out and have an isolated adventure of your own.

Soak Up the Sunshine and Fresh Air

Cabin fever is a real problem, and one that is challenging to overcome for many families during this trying time. You can load up your motorcycle trailer and head out to your favorite riding spot. Sunshine and fresh air can do a lot to alleviate stress during this time, especially if you can find a good location to unwind without worrying about crowds. The CDC’s guidelines can still be followed while riding a motorcycle, as long as no orders are in place to restrict travel. If you have a nearby road that you haven’t traveled in a long time, or just wish to cruise the countryside, there may be no better time than now to plan an adventure.

Benefit From Minimal Traffic

Rules preventing large gatherings and commuting to work have had a profound impact on our roadways. Satellite images show the effects of millions of drivers staying home, with reduced pollution and almost zero traffic. If your bike has been collecting dust for a number of months, now may be the time to get out and enjoy the open road!

Before you take off on your adventure, take some time to check the restrictions of the area you plan on visiting, as well as any towns, cities, or state parks that you’ll be passing through. 

See the Sites

Now that you’re facing a lot of downtime, now may be the perfect opportunity to get out and see the sites. We’re not recommending that you visit any locations known for large crowds or currently restricted in access, but keep in mind that there are many open spaces and open roads ready to be traveled. Go visit the mountains, do a loop around the lake, or plan any trip to go out and see the sites outdoors. 

Make Some Improvements at Home

If you’re not planning on hitting the road, now may still be the right time to work on your motorcycle, trailer, and accessories. Many riders can take this opportunity to maintain their bike, including the oil, filter, spark plugs, valves, coolant, brakes, battery and charging system, and more. You may have been putting off some quality care, including a nice wash, but now is the perfect time to go into the garage and get some work done. 

Drop-Tail Trailers is here to optimize your ride with the right motorcycle trailer for the job. In addition to our fold-up trailers, we offer a range of trailer accessories to best equip each customer for their own excursions. Invest in a stone guard kit to keep your bike safe while you travel, or purchase a new trailer tool box to securely store your tools and gear. Our add-ons are built to last, generating the best performance at an affordable price. We specialize in easy-load motorcycle trailers and upgrades, and we’re confident that you’ll love the results!

Time to Upgrade Your Motorcycle Trailer?

Times are uncertain, and personal safety should be a top priority for all citizens. If you’re ready to get out and experience the open road, or you’re planning on future adventures once things return to normal, then be sure to check out our shop to find the best motorcycle trailers for any adventure! Drop-Tail Trailers offers Class II powersport and motorcycle trailers designed to fold-up for easy storage. This unique design also creates the easiest loading and unloading processes possible, turning the trailer into a ramp to easily move your bike into position. Everything we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’re happy to discuss the value of our motorcycle towing trailers with you.

Ready to get started? Browse our site to find the best motorcycle trailer for your needs, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!