Benefits of a Rampless Motorcycle Trailer

If you’re like the folks here at Drop Tail Trailers, your motorcycle is your baby. We’re sure you remember the day that you walked into the showroom, took a seat on your bike and held the handle bars. It’s quite a feeling, and it’s a rewarding experience to know that you can afford a freeing and invigorating hobby that a motorcycle offers the gateway too. If you love your motorcycle and the profound freedom and joy you get from your bike, one of your top priorities is keeping your bike in tip-top shape. After all, it just feels better when your ride is glimmering in the sunlight while the engine roars in your ears on the open road. 

However, there are other ways to ensure that your bike stays in good shape for the duration of its life span, mainly not causing any accidental damage. If you’re in the practice of taking your bike with you on vacation, or if you’re considering investing in a motorcycle trailer to make that possible, you should probably invest in a rampless trailer for your bike’s long-term safety. Read on to learn more.

No Need to Jerry-Rig a Ramp

Many riders look to Craigslist and other inferior marketplaces for their trailer for their bike first. It’s easy to think that going the used route will yield similar results to buying a new model, but that’s rarely the case. Most used motorcycle trailers will likely be missing important pieces of equipment that you won’t notice the absence of. The best example we can offer, is if you tried to buy a used car, from a questionable seller, and didn’t know how an engine worked, you’d miss out on quite a few of the major red flags that you’d need to be able to recognize to ensure you’re getting a good deal. It’s ok that you don’t automatically know what a motorcycle trailer needs to function properly, but if it doesn’t have a ramp, and doesn’t tilt, you’ll need to make one for it. Using a couple of planks seems like a fine idea, until you realize how difficult it’ll be to drag a bike up a set of planks onto a trailer that’s set several feet above the ground. Creating your own ramp might sound like an easy solution and an inexpensive way to get out of buying a brand new trailer, but you and your bike deserve the best. Don’t risk tipping over and laying your bike down with uneasy hands, just turn to a proper rampless motorcycle trailer instead. 

No Tilting

A rampless motorcycle trailer operates by tilting the platform of the trailer back. This creates an incline that you can easily walk the bike up into and strap into place. This prevents you having to walk the bike up a ramp and keeping it steady. If you have long arms, or another person around to help you do this, it’s not too much of a big deal with most trailers. But walking a bike with a wide set of handlebars and keeping the wheels straight and balanced can be a perilous task when you’re on your own. Your bike might tip off the ramp and land on its side. That might seem like it’s not a big deal, but that’s a pretty sure-fire way of busting up your bike unnecessarily. Don’t cause accidental damage, just invest in the right motorcycle trailer up-front. 

No High-Centering

One of the biggest problems with motorcycle trailers with ramps is that a bike can get easily high centered. This is especially true if you created your own ramp for a used or incomplete motorcycle trailer. High-centering your bike isn’t just extremely inconvenient, it could also cause damage to the inner workings of your bike. The mechanisms that are used to create a functioning motorcycle are surprisingly delicate and graceful. Knocking them around too much will only result in component failure. Plus, high-centering your bike on a ramp is a much harder problem to fix when you realize that just lifting the back of the bike up manually is only something you’ll be able to do if someone else is there to help you, and they’re pretty strong. It’s a risk that most motorcycle riders aren’t willing to take with their bikes, which is why rampless motorcycle trailers are so sought after anymore. 

Reduced Bike Damage

Rampless motorcycle trailers function by dropping the deck all the way to the ground so that you can load the bike on with little effort and without jeopardizing the safety of the bike as a whole. They’re made to be easy to winch the bike in place, and are calibrated specifically to make loading a bike on by yourself no big deal. This can help to save your back from any injury while you’re loading up your bike to get back on the road. More importantly, rampless trailers don’t need gates, which means you won’t have to maneuver the bike around a gate, all while trying to keep it balanced and preventing it from falling to the side. As you may or may not know, pushing a bike up onto the trailer is all about using inertia and the weight of the bike to keep it moving until it’s in the proper place. The more components on the trailer that you have to keep in mind while performing this task, the harder it is to keep your bike upright and moving. Plus, if you ever want to use your motorcycle trailer to help you haul furniture home from the store, or another large load, the rampless nature of your trailer will make shifting loads on and off the trailer easier too. 

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At Drop Tail Trailers, we’re passionate about helping people access the high-quality and exceptional accessories they need to keep their motorcycle in great shape for the duration of its lifespan. That’s why we feature strong, exceptionally well-crafted pieces and are always updating our products to fit the newest trends in convenience. If you’re looking for a way to take your bike on the road with you for the long-term, start shopping with us today to learn more about how a rampless trailer could make your life easier and your bike safer today.