Why Motorcycle Trailer Build Quality Matters

When you picture having a motorcycle trailer, what do you see? Long weekends riding through foliage lined roads with the sun on your back? Do you imagine what it’ll be like to take your bike onto an obscure desert country road and let your engine rip down the pavement? Perhaps you picture leisurely and beautiful rides through the mountains near your home. What you likely don’t picture is a trailer, falling off the back of your vehicle on the highway while you’re going 80mph. You don’t imagine opening up your trailer to find your bike has fallen over and busted something important. You don’t imagine hearing a bag and watching in the rearview mirror as your motorcycle slides out the back of your trailer and onto the highway as you barrel away from it.

So, while you’re picturing all the benefits of being able to take your motorcycle wherever you want to, you should also consider how it’s going to get there first. After all, you can’t get to Hawaii without a plane ticket, and you can’t get your motorcycle out with you on your adventures without a capable trailer.

What makes a high-quality motorcycle trailer that stands above the rest? Let’s take a look. 

Easy Handling

Ease of use with any modern-day simple or complex machine should probably be the top rating metric. For example, loads of Apple users proclaim that Apple’s products are easier to use and are more user-friendly than their windows counterparts. Whether or not this is true seems to be largely a matter of opinion, but to those who consistently buy Apple products, it’s a fact that makes it easier for them to operate their phones, laptops and other devices with more ease. In that same vein, ease of use for a motorcycle trailer should be noticeable. Indeed, the best motorcycle trailer will be the one you can load and unload alone with limited difficulty. That means the trailer you invest in should have a variety of marked features that make your life easier. For example, Drop Tail Trailers’ products all feature a front-wheel chock that secures the motorcycle in an upright position and holds it steady. Our trailers are all rather low to the ground as well. A lower profile notoriously makes it far easier to load your bike up, as you’ll be struggling to walk it up less of a steep ramp than you would on a trailer that sits higher up. 

Additionally, hydraulics to make things ride smoother and adjust height more easily allows for you to tweak the settings to better accommodate your specific needs. If a trailer is easily personalized according to what makes it easier for you to operate it, it’s providing a far superior ease of use than any competitor could. That’s why our models feature hydraulic hand pumps, cylinders and hose to allow for better control in any situation.

High-Quality Construction

The components that go into simple makeup of the trailer are among one of the most important parts of differentiating a good motorcycle trailer from a bad one. Weather and road debris are fierce opponents and it’s what your trailer will face every day that you have it. If it’s not equipped from the beginning with the right, high-strength materials it’ll start to decay under those pressures and it’ll decay quickly. But proper construction featuring things like steel tubing, high-quality aluminum for the deck and UV protection coating to guard against the ravaging sun. 

That level of construction will also protect you from so much. For example, water leakage is a legitimate concern, especially for those who live in lush, green areas that get lots of rain and water. An enclosed trailer should protect your bikes from getting wet and then rusting, but a cheap enclosed trailer won’t be much help in that regard for long. Cheaper trailers are often not built very well and the cracks aren’t sealed very tight. Inevitably, water will seep through and negate the entire purpose of having an enclosed motorcycle trailer at all. This won’t just damage the cargo inside though, it’ll also speed along the decay of the trailer itself, and it’ll start to rot from the inside out. 

There have also been cases where cheaper, less well-built trailers have been known to have significant wiring issues and some have even had panels fly off while traveling. Obviously, the thought of a panel on your trailer flying off while you’re on the highway is a scary thought. Yet, we understand how hard it can be to differentiate between a trailer that won’t do this and one that will. You might be able to spot it initially, though, as the construction of cheaper, higher risk trailers will feature a rushed look in their construction and along the where the panels meet the roof, floor and each other. Cheap wiring is harder to spot, but you’ll likely notice it start to fail sooner, rather than later. Which could be no big deal, right? As you’d just be able to cash in that warranty? 

The trouble with cheap motorcycle trailers is actually the warranty in some cases. Lots of poor brands have been known to take advantage of the customer and refuse to honor warranties, making that small wiring issue on your trailer officially a big problem. Manufacturers have been known to dodge customers, claim that the customer misused the equipment and other strategies to avoid letting their customers take advantage of the poor warranty. 

Invest In High-Quality Motorcycle Trailers Only

Drop Tail Trailers only offers high-quality, well-constructed motorcycle trailers for our clients. We take pride in the unbeatable composition of the trailers and how they’re made. We know they’re the best, and we’re excited for you to learn how exceptional they are as well. Shop our products now to find out more about our trailers, our accessories and more. 

Have questions about our products? Feel free to reach out and ask us directly or shop through some of the feature pages that cover different products of ours in an in-depth fashion and may answer your questions more easily.