We Make Easy-to-Load Motorcycle Trailers

When you are taking a cross-country trip with your motorcycles on a trailer, the one thing that you are probably dreading is loading and unloading your bikes. While motorcycle trailer ramps are easy to find, they are not easy to use. Not only do they have to be the right size, they also need to be strong enough to hold the weight of your bike, which may not be an easy feat if you own a nice big touring motorcycle. Add to that the amount of space that the ramps take up either in your trailer or in the bed of your truck, and you’re dealing with way too much equipment that takes up way too much room.

Drop-Tail Trailers has the solution. Our motorcycle trailers have been designed to get rid of any extra equipment. Instead of having to haul ramps around with you, our trailers turn into their own ramp! And we don’t mean that our trailers have a gate where you have to search for a stretch of ground with the perfect gradient, we mean that our trailers have a special “drop tail” that lowers to the perfect angle to make rolling your bikes off as safe and easy as possible. No more closing your eyes, revving your engines, and hoping that everything goes according to plan — Drop-Tail Trailers eliminates the guesswork and the risk.

Shop our online store today to find the motorcycle hauler that is perfect for your needs. In addition to building trailers to haul your cruisers, we have powersports and dirt bike trailers, too!

No Grunt-Work Required

One of the features about Drop-Tail motorcycle trailers that our customers love the most is the special raising and lowering mechanism that we have built into each trailer. With a few quick adjustments of the pneumatic system, the tail of the trailer will gently raise or lower so you can load or unload your bikes. No matter what gradient the terrain is, our system will allow you to precisely match it, making the drive onto the trailer smooth, fast, and simple. The Drop-Tail wheel chock holds your motorcycle up while you climb off and lift the trailer back to its hauling position. Then all you have to do is strap it down and you’re good to go!

Our Trailers Are Easy to Store

Another complaint that we have frequently heard from people who are tired of their motorcycle trailers is that they are exceptionally hard to store. We built our trailers to solve this problem, too! Instead of having to take up a large part of your garage or storing your trailer along the side of your house, with a Drop-Tail, you can just fold them up and tuck them away. Heavy duty casters make rolling it into position easy.

Find your new collapsible, lightweight, and easy-to-use motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailer, now! All of the trailers we build is covered by a warranty that allows you to return them for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Contact us if you have questions about how these trailers work or which one is right for you.