Order The World’s Best Motorcycle Trailers

Owning a motorcycle is one of the most fun and the most frustrating things in life. While there is nothing like the freedom that riding gives you, sometimes you need to haul your bikes a long distance on a trailer just so you can ride somewhere special. Until now, motorcycle trailers have been heavy, long, and difficult to load and haul. That era is over, thanks to Drop-Tail Trailers.

Drop-Tail Trailers are light, have the best features, and are easier to use than every other motorcycle trailer on the market. Find out why you need a Drop-Tail Trailer for your bikes by reading this blog entry, then head on over to our online store to find a motorcycle trailer that meets all of your needs! Be sure to check out our trailer accessories, too, including motorcycle tie-down straps, spare tires, tool boxes, and many more well-built items.

Light and Easy to Haul

We build each trailer using the strongest and toughest materials available. While other companies build every part of their trailers using steel or wood, we know that it’s possible to use materials that weigh a fraction of traditional materials and still provide the strength and stability necessary to make hauling your motorcycles safe.

Our trailers are built to last and built to make hauling your bikes a lot easier. The smaller footprint of a Drop-Tail Trailer allows for better visibility when you are hauling, which is especially helpful for small trucks and SUVs. Being able to see more of the road will keep you safer and make driving a lot less stressful.

Easy to Load

Our patented “Drop-Tail” system makes our trailers incredibly easy to load. Use the specially designed system to automatically lower the back end of the trailer, ride your motorcycle onto it, secure the bike, and raise the tail back up. Drop-Tail Trailers are so simple to use that one person can handle loading and unloading.

Each of our new trailers comes equipped with our special wheel chocks that hold your bike in a stable, upright position, which makes securing them with tie-downs a lot faster and nearly effortless.

Easy to Store

Drop-Tail Trailers are built with convenience in mind. When you aren’t hauling your motorcycles, our trailers fold up for easy storage. Heavy duty casters allow you to easily move the trailer when it is folded up. When you fold up a Drop-Tail, you can easily tuck it up against a wall inside your garage, which makes it the ideal choice for anyone who needs to use their garage for storing their other vehicles.

Order your new motorcycle trailer today. We know that you will be so happy with your purchase that you will never look at another motorcycle trailer ever again. Even though we are confident that our trailers will be the best that you have ever owned, we still offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If a Drop-Tail Trailer isn’t the most incredible trailer you’ve ever owned, we’ll refund your money and pay for the return freight. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Order your new motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail today.