Motorcycle Trailer Storage Tips

Storing Your Trailer In The Off-Season

A motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers is the perfect way to get your bike from home to your favorite destination when riding isn’t an option. Proper trailer use helps ensure the safety of your motorcycle and other toys during transportation, but what should you do with your trailer once the riding season is over?

Protect Your Trailer

From The Elements And Other People

Trailers are made up of components and materials that may corrode or wear down over time when exposed to drastic temperature changes, sun exposure, inclement weather and other external factors. The best option is to keep your trailer in a garage or storage building that protects it from all of these risks. A covered, open-air shelter will help protect your trailer from sun and precipitation, but it won’t offer much insulation from heat and cold. The most widely available and cheapest option is a simple tarp (or multiple tarps). Tarps are also great for keeping leaves from sneaking into the trailer during the fall months.

The weather isn’t the only thing your trailer needs protection from. Unfortunately, someone may try to steal your trailer if you are not around for a while. This shouldn’t be a problem if you store the trailer indoors or behind locked fencing. If you’re not comfortable leaving your trailer out in the open, try a wheel lock. You can also buy a hitch lock to use when your trailer is attached to your vehicle.

Preserve Your Trailer’s Suspension

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Trailer

You know how tiring it can be to stand on your feet all day. If you’re storing your trailer for an extended period, consider supporting it with jack stands to give the suspension and tires a break. Jack up the trailer and place the jack stands under the frame. Avoid using the axle tube or suspension equalizers and the support points. They are not stable, and placing the jack or jack stands underneath them can cause extensive damage to the trailer’s functionality.

Always follow manufacturer guidelines for trailers and jacks/jack stands. Make sure your jack stands are rated to hold the weight of your trailer. Avoid storing a trailer on its ends or side; the base-down orientation offers the most surface area and has the lowest center of gravity. If the jack stands fail for any reason, the trailer will have a higher likelihood of landing in a less destructive manner (for itself and the objects around it).

Grease Up Moving Trailer Parts

A Necessity For Outdoor Trailer Storage

The trailer hitch, hinges and suspension parts will thank you for a pre-storage greasing. Even if you store your trailer inside, this step will keep it in tip-top shape for all of your adventures. When you take your trailer out next season, it will operate much more smoothly if you’ve properly applied lubricant to all of its moving parts. Don’t forget to revolve the wheels every few weeks to protect and coat the wheel bearings in oil lubricated hubs.

Drop-Tail Trailers Makes Transportation Easy

The Best Powersport Trailers Available

We love seeing our customers smile when they realize they can still take their motorcycle to their favorite spots when riding isn’t an option. Our trailers take the hassle out of transporting your bike, so you can go to more places, more often. Extend the reach of your ride and shop our trailer selection today!