How Do I Choose the Right Single Motorcycle Trailer?

If you’ve never had a motorcycle trailer before or you’ve been using an all-purpose flatbed trailer to haul your bike around, it can be difficult to decide on which motorcycle trailer is right for you. There are too many choices and all of them probably look and sound pretty great. In today’s blog entry, we want to talk about two of the most important factors that you need to consider when you’re searching for your new trailer. We think that Drop-Tail Trailers are going to be the best choice because they strike all of the important balances. Read on to learn more and see for yourself. If you’re convinced, check out our store and find your new lightweight motorcycle trailer today!

Make Sure It Has the Features You Want

Motorcycle and powersports trailers seem to come in one of two varieties: trailers that are overloaded with features and trailers that aren’t much more than a board on top of an axle. While we’re sure that there are people out there for whom both types of trailer are right, most people (ourselves included) need something that falls in the middle.

Drop-Tail Trailers were designed from the ground up and then refined to meet the needs that most motorcyclists have. Instead of attaching bells and whistles that did little to improve the trailer’s usability, we focused on building a system that makes it easier to load and unload your bike and to make it far easier to store. We trimmed away as much excess material as we could to save weight and reduce the size of the trailer while still allowing enough space to add a rock guard and a toolbox/storage box.

Make Sure It Is Big Enough, But Not Too Big

As we mentioned above, we spend a lot of time thinking about the size of our motorcycle trailers. While we wanted a trailer that was small and light enough that it could be pulled behind different kinds of vehicles, we also knew that it was important to have a single motorcycle trailer that was large enough to haul even a large bike. We struck a great balance by using strong, light materials and designing the loading and unloading system in such a way that it made use of a smaller amount of materials than other trailers without being so light that the trailer feels squirrely while you are pulling it.

If you’re ready to find a new Drop-Tail Trailer, check out our online store! We have single bike models, as well as trailers that can carry two or more motorcycles, as well as trikes and other powersports equipment. Our innovative, patent-pending designs are strong, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. Check out our trailers now and browse through our accessories, including our extra tires, jacks, and our motorcycle dollies. We know that you’ll love your new Drop-Tail Trailer, but in case you aren’t completely content with your order, everything we sell is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. We even pay for return shipping if you aren’t satisfied!