What To Bring On Your Summer Motorcycle Trip

Now that summer is here, it’s time to get your bike ready for the most fun American tradition there is — the road trip. Whether you’re hitting the road for a weekend or a week, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure your trip with your motorcycle is a great one. Check out the rest of this blog for some great tips about these essential items, then check out our selection of the best motorcycle trailers available!

Road Trip Essentials

While a lot of these items might seem so obvious that they don’t need to be mentioned, it’s all too easy to forget the most important things when you’re excited for an upcoming trip. We suggest writing down everything you need and then crossing them off as you go. The act of writing will help you remember!

Water — We need water to survive. Full stop. Make sure you’re adequately hydrated when you’re out in the summer heat or your trip may come to a very un-fun end. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are not something you want to experience.

First aid kit — If you catch a small rock across the knuckles or get a scratch while camping, you’ll be happy that you had some first aid essentials on-hand. A good kit only costs a few bucks and doesn’t take up much room, so keep one on you.

Money — Money will solve just about any problem (and you have a first aid kit for the problems that money won’t fix). Having a stash of cash or an emergencies-only credit card can save you a lot of misery if you get stranded somewhere.

Sunscreen — Sunburns are the worst. Sunscreen is cheap, applies quickly, and will keep you from being a sore, peeling mess.

Emergency phone — The phone you have is probably fine, but make sure nothing happens to it. It works as a GPS and a lifeline in case your motorcycle or the vehicle towing your motorcycle breaks down.

Map — You don’t need to have a giant atlas that shows you every road in the country, but consider having a map that covers the area(s) you’re road-tripping through. It can provide you with alternatives in case a favorite campsite is taken or if a local gives you some shoddy directions.

Tools and Spare Parts

While we all want to believe that our bikes and towing vehicles are perfect and would never let us down, we know better than to trust them. If your truck has a habit of blowing radiator hoses, keep an extra one on hand (along with plenty of coolant). The same goes for your motorcycle. Better to spend an hour fixing your ride than a weekend waiting for a dealer or mechanic to open their doors.

The Right Clothes

Full leathers will save your skin. Literally. But if it’s too hot for leather, make sure that you’ve got as much of your body protected as possible. You’ll be thankful for your helmet, a good pair of boots, and tough gloves if you should happen to take a spill.

When you aren’t riding, make sure you’ve got clothes suitable for a wide range of temperatures. Riding through the desert may sound like a hot and sweaty ordeal, but at night the temperature can drop by as much as 50 degrees.

A Great Motorcycle Trailer

The best road trips are about freedom. If you want the most freedom possible, tow your motorcycle with you instead of riding it. Long trips can be punishing if you’re stuck on your bike in summer heat. Save your rides for the places that are really special — the Rockies, Sturgis, the Pacific Northwest. Tow your bike on a Drop-Tail Trailer. Drop-Tails are easy to load, easy to tow, and they fold up when you aren’t using it in order to save space in your garage. All of our trailers are built using strong yet lightweight materials in order to provide you with a tow that is stable, but won’t bog down the engine of your towing vehicle and destroy your gas mileage.

Find your new Drop-Tail today! If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days of ownership, we’ll refund your money and pay for the return shipping.