The Three Best Motorcycle Rides in the Pacific Northwest

The Best Motorcycle Rides in Northern California, Washington, and Oregon

A motorcycle trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers helps you bring your bike along when riding to the destination isn’t an option. In the case of this post, our destination is the Pacific Northwest. If you have yet to experience riding your motorcycle in the crisp Cascadia air, surrounded by greenery and mountains, we’ve got three awesome suggestions for you to get started. When you’re ready to load up your bike and head out, check out our online shop to find the perfect motorcycle trailer for the journey.

State Route 58, California

71.5 Miles – Santa Margarita To McKittrick

Get ready for the best abandoned rollercoaster ride of your life. California State Route 58 runs through the Coast Ranges, the southern San Joaquin Valley, the Tehachapi Mountains and the Mojave Desert. Starting from McKittrick, you’ll have a hard time holding back a smile as you cruise through virtually unpopulated pastoral farmlands.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of this route is that on the western half, you won’t be dealing with many cars at all. You won’t encounter many crossroads or driveways, either. Once you’re past the farmlands, get ready to dive into the canyon. Twisty roads with limited hazards like loose gravel and decreasing-radius turns make for an enjoyable ride. If you’re not close to the route or aren’t keen on riding your motorcycle all the way to it, check out the Drop-Trail Trailers shop page!

Highway 20 Washington Pass, Washington

65 Miles – Marblemount To Winthrop

This road boasts breathtaking mountain views, waterfalls, and misty forests. We don’t recommend this trip for beginners due to winding roads and the potential for rockfall. If you’re comfortable with those risks, we recommend riding this route from early May to early November; in between, it is often closed due to avalanche hazards. Be mindful of other vehicles, as this is a popular scenic drive. We know you’re here for the ride, but you might just have to stop off for some wildlife watching and recreation opportunities along the way.

Devil’s Tail, Oregon

22 Miles – Baker City To Oxbow

If you’re familiar with popular motorcycle routes, you’re probably not surprised to see the Devil’s Tail on this list. The Devil’s Tail is within the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway that runs through (surprise) Hells Canyon.

You’ll be cruising 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon, and the scenery is truly stunning. Watch out for the twists and turns, tar snakes, and rockfalls. You’ll want to stare at all the natural beauty around you, so be sure to bring your camera along for some photography breaks.

Drop-Tail Trailers Makes Transportation Easy

Ride Your Motorcycle Anywhere, Without Riding It Everywhere

Remember dragging your sled to the top of a snowy hill, riding it down, and realizing you were going to have to trudge up that hill again and again to experience the fun part? At Drop-Tail Trailers, we understand that riding your motorcycle is usually a blast, but the “getting there” part isn’t always so exciting. When the destination is perfect but the journey is rough, shop our trailer selection today to see how freeing your next motorcycle adventure can be with more space, flexibility, and protection.