Welcome to Drop-Tail Trailers & Accessories, the last Class II powersport and motorcycle trailer you will ever need or want. We offer uniquely designed, innovative products and high-quality manufacturing in order to meet or exceed all of your performance standards.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing Ride-On/Storable™-style motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and sport utility trailers with multi-position bolt-on motorcycle wheel chocks, as well as a line of Ride-On™ motorcycle dollies. We also carry a full product line of high-quality ratchet tie-down straps. Our uniquely designed products are engineered and built by riders for riders using common sense design and manufacturing methods. Simply put, we carry everything you will need for a safe and secure trailering experience. Everything we do is covered by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Browse our shop to find what you need, or contact us today for assistance!